Month: June 2018

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Fortnite Officially Delays Playground Mode

Epic Games is officially delaying the release of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s planned Playground LTM. The practice mode was originally planned to release alongside the start of Fortnite‘s 4.5 patch and the return of the 50v50 game mode, but ran into some issues. Epic planned to do some testing on Friday and then enable Playground, but has since decided to delay it for the weekend. The provided reason...[Read More]

Learn The Story Of How Three Teenagers Helped Nintendo Create Star Fox In This Video

Though it hasn’t held up as well as some other SNES titles, Star Fox is a notable part of Nintendo’s history. It was one of the few 3D titles for the console, showcasing the power of the system many thought couldn’t handle polygonal graphics. As it turns out, however, three young British programmers, none of whom worked at Nintendo at the time, were a major part in putting the ti...[Read More]

Death Stranding: Kojima Explains Why Secrecy Surrounds the Game

Despite having released myriad videos of Death Stranding at this point, including its most recent showcase during Sony’s PlayStation E3 2018 press conference, it’s safe to say that the majority of fans looking forward to the game have yet to fully understand what it’s even about. With this being the case, the project’s director Hideo Kojima recently decided to clear the air as to why he has decide...[Read More]

Reader Discussion – Can You Come Up With A Better Name For The ‘Metroidvania’ Genre?

Naming things can be hard, and often, names develop as a utilitarian way of getting a concept across. Before they were called first-person shooters, they were called “Doom clones.” When games started making death impactful by regressing all of your progress when you died, we started calling them “Roguelikes.” But “Metroidvania” might be the worst ad-hoc genre na...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Weapon Revealed Forsaken Expansion Story

A hidden message in the Curse of Osiris expansion has been discovered by Destiny 2 players, revealing a warning regarding the set-up for the upcoming Forsaken expansion that was left unheeded. The Destiny Ghost Stories Lore Discord community reportedly received a hot tip about undiscovered lore in a Curse of Osiris weapon. After “a lot of digging and discussion” the message CROW UNTRUSTWORTHY DESI...[Read More]

New Mario Tennis Aces Characters Coming This Fall

Mario Tennis Aces has only been out for a week, but Nintendo is hoping to keep the hype for the tennis title alive well into the holiday season by supplying the game with additional characters on a seemingly monthly basis. This week, Nintendo revealed that three new characters would be arriving to Mario Tennis Aces in the fall with Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Koopa ParaTroopa joining the roster. The tr...[Read More]

Hollow Knight Switch Sales Exceed 250,000 In First Two Weeks

After getting a surprise release date announcement during this year’s E3-themed Nintendo direct a couple of weeks ago, the Switch version of Hollow Knight has sold over a quarter of a million copies on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The news by way of IGN, which received the info straight from developer Team Cherry. Originally released on Steam last year, the title has slowly gained a foll...[Read More]

Watch The Witcher 3’s Geralt Take On The Griffin, Samurai Jack-Style

 While he may be a bit more pragmatic about his bad guy-killing by taking payment for it, Geralt does share a few traits with Samurai Jack’s titular ronin. Both wander the world slaying monsters and humans alike (when necessary), and both are the best at they do. Mashed has also seen the similarities, and decided to blend the two series together into one pretty great animated short. While th...[Read More]

Fortnite’s Sky Has A Big Crack In It Now

Fortnite players logging in and playing matches right on all platforms should be greeted with a strange sight in the sky: cracks. What this might lead to is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s likely we’re nearing the conclusion of a tease Epic set up earlier in Fortnite’s fourth season. When the season began, players noticed the map had undergone some changes, one of which was an...[Read More]

Fortnite Missile Launches for All to See

Fortnite held what might be its most popular shared world event yet, rivaling the falling meteors of Season 3. Early Saturday morning/afternoon, players were able to load into a lobby and watch as several missiles launched into the sky, presumably to pave the way for Season 5. Epic Games had prepared Fortnite players for the event and told them to make sure they were in a match by about 1030am PT....[Read More]

Pokemon GO: All Events For July 2018 (United States)

Pokemon GO is having a very busy summer. The game’s active playerbase is the highest it has been since after the initial summer 2016 hype and the addition of trading, friends, and nearly constant events seem to have made the game a very popular activity this summer. There’s so much going on in Pokemon GO that it’s actually a bit difficult to keep track of, but we can help out with that. Niantic pr...[Read More]

Valve Is Working On Replacing Steam Spy For Developers

Months after the company effectively ended third-party Steam sales data tracking site Steam Spy by updating their privacy settings, Valve has announced it is working on a more accurate replacement for developers. PCGamesN reports that at this week’s White Night game developer event in St. Petersburg, Russia, indie game developer Michael Kuzmin asked Valve’s Jan-Peter Ewert about whethe...[Read More]

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