Month: September 2018

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Red Dead Redemption II’s Second Gameplay Video Arrives Tomorrow

It’s about time. The gameplay video that Rockstar teased at the ending of last month’s gameplay demonstration will be debuting tomorrow morning. The tease, if you need your memory jogged, promised a look at “missions, activities, enemy gangs, robberies, other things to do, and much more.” The video will be posted at 9AM Eastern on what we’re assuming is the company...[Read More]

Stalk Prey Across Los Santos As The Predator In This GTA V Mod

Man. Mods. Mods are just the best aren’t they? A seemingly never-ending resource of entertainment and Grand Theft Auto 5 has one of the richest reservoirs of mod-related goodies out there. JulioNIB is known in the GTA V modding community for making some really out there creations. The model’s latest lets you play as the baddest space stalker around, The Predator. You can get a glimpse ...[Read More]

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Bounties Will Change, Grant Powerful Gear

Bungie’s Destiny 2: Forsaken is almost a month old at this point but the debate on progression and the pace of attaining that high “Power level” continue. While the developer has outlined changes coming to Masterwork Core and Exotic drop rates, it also sought to clarify a few changes coming to Iron Banner. Iron Banner was often considered as PvP with Power level advantages enable...[Read More]

Heat Signature Update Adds Character Traits, Challenges and More

Suspicious Developments, of Gunpoint fame, has quite the underrated 2017 release in Heat Signature. The game is a year old now and has received a significant 40 percent discount on Steam until October 4th along with a large new update. Titled “The Space Birthday Update”, it adds numerous interesting wrinkles to the core gameplay of infiltrating procedurally generated ships on system-ho...[Read More]

Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness Releasing on October 11th for Consoles and iPad

Though it’s already available on PC, Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon will receive its next expansion The Color of Madness on October 11th for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and iPad. It will retail for $4.99. As for PS4 and PlayStation Vita, certification for the DLC has yet to happen for these platforms. Regardless, they should arrive at roughly the same time, if not slightly later. Some...[Read More]

Reader Discussion – When’s The Last Time You Chose Replaying An Old Game Over A New Release?

Look: I really was going to play through Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (Kim’s review here), I promise. I installed it, played through the first two hours and…well, I kept hoping it would get better but It didn’t hook me so I gave up on it. That’s half of the story at least. I mean, it didn’t help matters that Grand Theft Auto IV was right there, with Niko Bellic’s e...[Read More]

Bungie Files Trademark For New Project

Let the speculation begin. Bungie has filed a trademark for something called “Matter.” No big details have been leaked or revealed about Matter but the keen eyes over at Eurogamer noticed that the trademark has been filed under two categories: “computer game software” and “online entertainment services.” The chances here are pretty good that whatever Matter is, ...[Read More]

Venom Director Defends PG-13 Rating

For many people, the upcoming Venom movie (alongside the success of Deadpool) has stirred hopes that we’d be seeing darker, more violent films with Marvel characters. However, fair or otherwise, some of the wind went out of those sails when Sony revealed that the movie was PG-13. On a recent press tour, Polygon asked director Ruben Fleischer about the rating. The director explained that he w...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview With Critical Role Stars Liam O’Brien And Sam Riegel On Returning To The Podcast Where It All Began

Critical Role, the enormously popular show featuring a beloved cast of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons, may have started in 2015, but the group began playing together a couple years prior. The initial idea started when Critical Role dungeon master Matthew Mercer appeared on the All Work No Play podcast with fellow voice actors Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel. Mercer invited the two to play...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic Will Sell ‘Millions’, Won’t Hurt PS4 Sales – Pachter

Sony recently announced the PlayStation Classic to much fanfare, a mini console that will come pre-loaded with PlayStation 1 games, similar to what Nintendo have recently done with the NES and the SNES as well. Doubtless, there are countless people who’re thrilled about the announcement, and will undoubtedly be picking up the mini console- which is exactly what industry analyst Michael Pacht...[Read More]

Adam Driver Makes Judicious Use Of Dance Emote In Saturday Night Live Fortnite Skit

Last night, Saturday Night Live teamed up with Adam Driver once again but instead of a hilarious Star Wars sketch, this time we got a Fortnite sketch. Your mileage may vary laughs-wise here, with Driver taking on the role of a befuddled parent eager to learn how to play Fortnite in order to impress his estranged son. You can watch the whole skit right here: For more on Fortnite, check out our rund...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Kingdom Hearts 3 Lead Famitsu Charts

The top 5 has remain mostly unchanged in the latest Famitsu weekly charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games (as voted by their readers). Final Fantasy 7 Remake continues its dominance at the very top of the pile, while Persona Q2 and Resident Evil 2, which were placed number four and number five respectively last week, have retained their positions as well. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Super ...[Read More]

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