Month: October 2018

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Settings That Make the Game Even Better

report this ad While Red Dead Redemption 2 offers lots of major gameplay features, the game is also full of smaller systems and game mechanics. From the core stats that players can level up, the maintenance of different guns (which impacts the effectiveness of the weapon), and the camp morale system, there’s plenty for players to think of. It’s understandable then, that some of the game’s most use...[Read More]

The 10 Best RPGs To Play On Halloween

Happy Halloween! I knew when this iteration of my column landed on this day I had to showcase the genre’s spookier offerings. That means giving you a varied list that captures everything we know and love about this occasion, from the psychological terrors to the more lighthearted elements. Get yourself in the Halloween spirit by starting up one of these RPGs. Who knows? You might just find a new g...[Read More]

Leak Confirmed With November’s PlayStation Plus Free Lineup Reveal

Sony has officially confirmed a leak from earlier this month. Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition are November’s free PlayStation Plus headliners. In Bulletstorm, you play as a disgraced ex-assassin Grayson Hunt on a journey for vengeance and survival. In the end, if you can’t have both, will you choose revenge over saving your crew? In Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, this over-the-to...[Read More]

MediEvil Remake Releases First Trailer

report this ad MediEvil, the remake of the 1998 action-adventure game for the original PlayStation, is coming to life via a newly released announcement trailer. Sir Daniel Fortesque has risen from the grave once more, revisiting the adventure that started it all. It’s a Halloween treat but also partly a trick. While it’s exciting to see the first footage of MediEvil‘s modern update, Sony has decid...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get Your Hat Back

report this ad In Red Dead Redemption 2, protagonist Arthur Morgan wears some pretty impressive outfits, complete with some very nice hats. However, players may find that they literally lose their hats over the course of the game. Arthur’s hat can be shot off or punched off if he gets into a brawl and if players don’t stop to pick it up, it’ll get lost. For Red Dead Redemption 2 players who feel t...[Read More]

Destiny 2: Everything Changed in This Week’s Update

report this ad Currently, players are enjoying all the Halloween festivities in Destiny 2. Along with the weekly reset yesterday, Destiny 2 made a few changes to the game this week. The major changes in Update 2.0.5 include a few bug fixes, Sandbox changes, changes to the Crucible and Gambit modes, and changes to Masterwork Cores. Check out the full Destiny 2 Update 2.0.5 changes below: Sandbox We...[Read More]

The New iPad Pro Is As Powerful As The Xbox One S, Apple Claims

It shows how far portable computing has come very effectively. Apple announced a bunch of new computers and tablets yesterday, in case you were unaware. These included a long awaited refresh of the MacBook Air line, as well as an equally long awaited refresh of the Mac Mini. But the crown jewel, the one announcement that stole the stage and took everyone’s breath away, was the new iPad Pro. Apple’...[Read More]

The Scariest Games We’ve Played

Kids dressed up as various Fortnite characters are likely going to ring your doorbell and yell “trick or treat” tonight. After you hand them candy, and perhaps watch them perform one of Fortnite’s dance moves before vacating your property, we suggest diving into a horror game to end your Halloween night. We recommend playing one of the scariest games ever made – a game that may m...[Read More]

Trick Or Treat: What’s Behind The Door?

It’s Halloween! If you’re a kid, that means you can dress up like a monster/animal/Fortnite character and harass your neighbors for candy. Adults don’t have it so lucky. Sure, we can dress up at work, but we’ll probably only get weird looks for our trouble. Fear not – we’ve got you covered! Our dentist-approved holiday celebration is pretty simple: Click on the image ...[Read More]

Capcom Celebrates Halloween By Making Classic Costumes Free In Resident Evil 2

To thank fans for their “undying support,” this morning, Capcom tweeted out that the classic costumes for both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will be free and unlockable for all players in the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2. The tweet also included a short trailer that showcases the new costumes. You can check it out below: We have a treat for you! As a thanks for your undying support, we’re...[Read More]

PUBG Teases Harley Quinn and Joker Cosmetics

report this ad As many gamers may recall, Epic Games’ Fortnite held a Marvel crossover event that hosted Avengers: Infinity War‘s Thanos, and now it looks as if PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to get in on the comic book action as well. Just recently, PUBG teased that cosmetics based on the DC Universe’s criminal clown duo, the Joker and Harley Quinn, will be coming to the Battle Royale game ...[Read More]

Persona Q2’s Newest Trailer Introduces Us to the Ever Dependable Yosuke Hanamura

The Scion of Junes is here to save the day in the newest Persona Q2 character introduction video. Atlus has released the newest character introduction video for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth over in Japan. In the vein of the previous ones, this one introduces us to one specific character from across the full casts of Persona 3, 4, and 5, all of whom are coming together in this game. In this tra...[Read More]

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