Month: December 2018

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“If We Could Do Anything Our Own Way, What Would We Do?”: A Conversation With ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Director Bob Persichetti

From the moment the world first laid its eyes on a teaser for Sony Pictures Animation’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it was obvious we were seeing something different and unique, but it’s still a surprise just how different and how unique the final film turned out. To say that there has never been a mainstream American cg feature that looks and feels like Spider-Man would be an understatemen...[Read More]

Fortnite Fan Recreates Dunder Mifflin from The Office in Creative Mode

Fortnite‘s Creative Mode gives players the chance to use the game’s assets to create their very own battle islands and game worlds. One fan has put the Creative Mode tools to very good use, recreating the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office building from the hit TV sitcom The Office in the battle royale game. Reddit user OddEditButOkay’s Dunder Mifflin recreation is very impressive, with sharp attentio...[Read More]

Black Ops 4 Unlocks All Blackout Specialists in New Update

Essentially taking a page out of Epic Games’ book, Treyarch has been providing Blackout battle royale players with regular, worthwhile updates in constantly since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The game’s latest update has just dropped, giving players a tremendous amount of new content, fixes, and improvements. While all platforms will be given Zero improvements and custom games in Blac...[Read More]

Rumor: First Borderlands 3 Story Details Leak

report this ad While Borderlands 3 has yet to be officially announced by Gearbox Software, a slew of information on the rumored game leaked earlier this month thanks to YouTube channel The Know. The Borderlands 3 leaked information revealed details about character classes, when the game may finally be announced, and it also offered fans some of the first details on what the story will entail. Plea...[Read More]

German Protection Agency Takes Nintendo To Court Over Eshop Cancellations

A Norwegian issue with the way Nintendo handles eShop cancellations, as in they completely refuse to do so, has now been escalated to the German courts. The German Consumer Protection Authority is taking legal action against Nintendo of Europe over their “all sales are final” policy in a case that may have rippling effects across Europe and beyond. Nintendo’s eShop lets you preor...[Read More]

Travis Strikes Again Special Edition Signed By Suda51 Releasing In UK

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is still a bit of an enigma for No More Heroes fans, but it is hard to argue the game doesn’t have that old Suda style and that will probably be enough for a large number of fans. To further reinforce that idea, Suda is actually signing a special edition of the game with goodies in it for fans for release in the UK, but shipping everywhere. English reader...[Read More]

Fortnite’s Newest Update Adds New Events to the Game

As well as bringing some new additions to the Creative Mode. Update 7.1.0 for Fortnite is now out, and it continues rolling out the season 7 content. The newest update actually adds two new events to the game—Frostnite, for Save the World (the completely forgotten PvE side of the game, where you and three other players team up to take on zombies and the like); this event is basically a new mode wh...[Read More]

Metro: Exodus Looks Stunning In Newest Batch of Screens

The screenshots show a stunning vision of a bleak post apocalypse. Metro: Exodus’s release date may have been moved up by a week, but for those of you who are waiting for the game anxiously, it may still be too far out. Well, never fear. We’re here to help you with this newest batch of Metro: Exodus screens. The screens, which you can see for yourself below, look absolutely gorgeous. Exodus, which...[Read More]

Backpack Kid is Also Suing Fortnite Over Floss Dance

report this ad While Fortnite became one of the biggest movements in pop culture in 2018, Epic Games hasn’t been shy of finding influence from other source material when adding new content. While looking to the Web for the next viral Internet breakout dance has become common practice to how Fortnite incorporates emotes, a few celebrities from whom these moves originated are starting to take action...[Read More]

Splatoon 2’s Newest Update Includes Changes to Ranked Battle and Salmon Run

There’s a LOT of fixes all around in this new update, however. Splatoon 2’s newest update, 4.3.1, is available to download now, and it brings a whole lot of changes to the table. Weapons have been tweaked and rebalanced, glitches have been addressed, and several changes have been made to Salmon Run and Ranked Battles. Ranked Battle changes are essentially all aimed at how team composition is deter...[Read More]

Solid Snake Voice Actor Reads The Night Before Christmas With Liquid

Several months ago, David Hayter, the original voice actor for Solid Snake in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise, reprised his role in a tribute video to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the long-running stealth-action series. Now, Hayter has decided to team up with Cam Clarke, the voice of the first MGS game’s antagonist Liquid Snake, to perform a special rendition of the much-beloved “The Ni...[Read More]

Fallout 76 Atoms 250% More Expensive on PS4 For Some Reason

This time though, it doesn’t seem to be Bethesda’s fault. Fallout 76 has been a bit of a blundering mess all around, and things like what I am about to tell you don’t help the game’s perception. On Amazon UK, Atoms are 250% more expensive for the PS4 version relative to the Xbox One version, The Sixth Axis reports. This means that to buy the same amount of Atoms, you spend two and a half times mor...[Read More]

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