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Anthem Teases Return to EA Play at E3 2018

Anthem Teases Return to EA Play at E3 2018

There’s no doubt that many consider BioWare and Electronic Arts’ forthcoming title Anthem to be one of E3 2018’s most highly anticipated games, with fans waiting with bated breath to learn what will be on display for the title at this year’s big event. In order to prime folks about what to expect, the publisher and developer have now offered up a brief teaser video of the content from the action-RPG to be shown during the companies’ EA Play exhibition.

As seen in the tweet below from the official EA UK Twitter account, Anthem fans can get a sneak peek at the new trailer that will be revealed on June 9, 2018, with the company teasing the footage with the quote, “Something is out there . . . that wants to destroy us all.” As explained by the publisher in an official blog post, the forthcoming video revealed at E3 2018 will provide a glimpse at what the story is all about,  some of its characters, as well as the monsters that populate the action-RPG’s world.

In addition to the aforementioned trailer, BioWare and Electronic Arts have promised that it will have even more Anthem gameplay on display during EA Play at E3 2018 that will feature “flying, fighting, and of course, collecting loot”. For those who have been out of the loop for a while, this year’s showcase of the title will be building on similar wares that were unveiled during Xbox’s E3 2017 press conference. However, combat will be more of a focus this time around.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see how fans respond to what Anthem has to offer during this year’s EA Play at E3 2018, with some having declared the game a “Destiny killer”. BioWare’s Technical Design Director, Brenon Holmes, provided an assurance that the studio’s team has been hard at work polishing the action-RPG’s upcoming demos in time for the big event this month, but we will simply have to wait and find out if the company can generate a similarly positive reaction this year.

Anthem is currently scheduled for release at some point in early 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts

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