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Red Dead 2 Developer Rockstar Says Overtime is Optional

report this ad The last couple of days for Rockstar have seen the studio in the public eye for a wide range of reasons. While its highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 is launching in just under a week, the developer has come under fire thanks to a comment from studio co-founder Dan Houser about the workload being placed on employees in the lead up to the game’s launch. Now, one of Rockstar’s s...[Read More]

Listing For Dead Cells For Android Pops Up On Google Play Store, Gets Taken Down

Dead Cells, one of the most critically beloved roguelikes of the year, is the kind of quick-hit title that’s perfect on the go, which currently means playing it on Switch. But, if a recent store listing is any indication, it could soon mean playing it on your phone. Yesterday Android Police found a listing for the game on the Google Play store, indicating the game may be heading to Android. ...[Read More]

Netflix Cancels Luke Cage Series After Two Seasons

Although it still plans to produce shows based on the Marvel universe, the continuation of its current Luke Cage series isn’t part of that plan. Deadline reports Marvel and Netflix jointly announced their decisions to end the series prematurely. The third season was already in production at the time of the cancellation, with showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and a team of writers having already s...[Read More]

What To Watch This Weekend: League of Legends, Soulcalibur VI, And Tetris

There are some pretty cool things to watch this weekend, if you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone. While League of Legends’ World competition continues, we see the competitive premier of Soulcalibur VI, as well some big tournaments for some interesting, smaller games. Enjoy! League of Legends‘ biggest tournament enters its quarterfinals stage, wherein the top eight teams...[Read More]

Fortnite Responds to Elon Musk Troll

Recently, billionaire Elon Musk – the business magnate behind companies such as SpaceX and Tesla – joked about purchasing and deleting the popular battle royale game Fortnite. A fake headline stating just that was circulated, also claiming that Musk did so to save “these kids from eternal virginity.” The hilarity ensued when Musk himself shared and responded to the article by stating “had to be do...[Read More]

MediEvil Remaster News Coming in Next Week or Two – Report

Sony’s Shawn Layden will offer an update on the PlayStation Blogcast. Remember when Sony announced that a remaster of classic action platformer MediEvil would be coming to the PlayStation 4? It’s easy to forget but that announcement was almost one year ago at PlayStation Experience 2017. Not much news has been shared since then to the dismay of fans. That is, except for a few rumours that emerged ...[Read More]

Spider-Man PS4 Patch Adds New Game Plus, Puddle Stickers for Photo Mode

This latest update finally fixes the critical issue of “not enough puddles”. Just a few days before it the release of its first paid DLC, Insomniac’s Spider-Man for the PS4 has received a new update. Along with bringing the much-awaited New Game Plus mode, this update adds tons of functionality to Photo Mode. Stickers, a shortcut to Photo Mode on the D-pad, frames, and rotation for stickers is als...[Read More]

Battlefield V Giving Two Free Items for Players

report this ad The highly anticipated Battlefield 5 was originally supposed to be released this week on October 19th, but the game was recently delayed to November 20. EA DICE general manager, Oskar Gabrielson, shared a message with fans, thanking them for their continued support after the delay and revealing that as a token of the company’s appreciation, a small gift will be waiting for fans when...[Read More]

Black Ops 4 Battle Royale: Dr Disrespect Discovers You Can Shoot Through Rocks

report this ad Nowadays, it is commonplace for games to launch with a few bugs, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is no exception. While the game offers players plenty, such as incredibly complex Easter eggs in Zombies and a true-to-form battle royale experience, the latter has had a handful of complaints, ranging from the day-one emote peaking to the recently unveiled shoot-through-rocks bug. Of cour...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2’s World Will “Constantly Serve Things Up In Subtle Ways”, Map Size Hinted At

Red Dead Redemption 2’s open world experience feels “real” and “new”- and apparently, it’s really, really big. Rockstar Games has talked up various aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 a great deal over the last few weeks and months. They’ve talked about how it promises to have a large and seamless world, one that will avoid tropes that usually define the open world genre, and how it will do that by, ...[Read More]

Mostly Hotly Sought-After Linux Skills

By Jack M. GermainOct 20, 2018 5:00 AM PT This story was originally published on LinuxInsider on June 21, 2018, and is brought to you today as part of our Best of ECT News series. The 2018 Open Source Technology Jobs Report shows rapid growth in the demand for open source technical talent, with Linux skills a must-have requirement for entry-level positions. The seventh annual report from The Linux...[Read More]

Elon Musk Jokes About Deleting Fortnite From Existence

Elon Musk posts a hilarious fake news article on Twitter that claims he has bought Fortnite and deleted it in order to save players from eternal virginity.

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