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PUBG Adds Respawns In New War Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has very quietly added a new mode called War on PC. The new mode–which is essentially Team Deathmatch–adds respawns, a mechanic not seen in PUBG’s standard battle royale mode. Players are condensed into a small, static area on Erangel, meaning lives don’t last long. The selection of weapons and gear depends on the settings picked by the g...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid 3-Themed Co-Op Event Coming To Survive

Konami has announced a co-op event for Metal Gear Survive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that draws inspiration from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The event, titled ‘The Encounter 1964,’ is set to launch on April 10 and will run for two weeks. According to Konami, the event will feature “recognisable elements and fatigues from Snake Eater” as “items such as the iconic Cr...[Read More]

Vampyr Receives New Story Trailer, Shows off Dr. Jonathan Reid’s Adventures

New story details come to light about Vampyr Upcoming RPG by Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr puts players in the role of Jonathan Reid, who becomes a vampire upon returning home from war. The developers have released a new trailer to reveal details about Jonathan’s adventure. Introduced to an underworld of deadly and terrible creatures that he never knew existed, Dr. Jonathan Reid has to piece toget...[Read More]

Firewatch Confirmed For Switch, Releasing This Spring

Watch the fires on your Nintendo Switch! Campo Santo announced today through its Twitter that the hit narrative game Firewatch will be making its way to Nintendo’s hybrid powerhouse sometime this Spring, allowing players, new and old to experience the beautiful vistas and compelling story anytime, anywhere. First released in February 2016 on PC and PS4, and later on Xbox One, the game has a variet...[Read More]

More Super Mario Odyssey Costumes To Appear Soon

New content incoming for Super Mario Odyssey. While Luigi’s Balloon World had us all coming back again and again to the latest Mario platformer, we quickly ran out of things to use all those coins on. Nintendo is continually making sure we don’t run out of things to strive for in Super Mario Odyssey with new costumes. The Japanese page for the game has confirmed that more free costumes should come...[Read More]

Survival Horror Game The Forest Set For Full Release On PC On April 30

After nearly 4 years in Early Access, the game is finally set for the full release. The Forest is an open world survival game in which players are tasked with surviving in a brutal environment surrounded by cannibals and mutants. The game has been in early access for nearly four years and now it is finally ready for a full release and it will be out on April 30. The game has already garnered atten...[Read More]

Downward Spiral: Horus Station New 17 Minute Gameplay Video Revealed

We get an in-depth footage showcasing the player moving through different environments. Downward Spiral: Horus Station is a game that is all about discovery and about piecing together the story for yourself. Now, 3rd Eye Studios has  released some gameplay footage which offers us a glimpse into what the game actually plays like. In this game, players will explore Horus Station by solving a variety...[Read More]

Destiny 2’s Next DLC With Rasputin Subroutine “Aurora Retroflex”

The second DLC could be seeing an announcement very soon. Bungie has been adding numerous updates to Destiny 2 over the past few months in an attempt to pacify hardcore fans disappointed by its launch state. It’s nowhere near the state of Destiny 1’s Year 3 content, forget being superior, and there hasn’t been much new story content since Curse of Osiris launched in December. That’s going to chang...[Read More]

Bungie Lowering Destiny 2’s Rumble Player Count

Although Bungie was hoping to give Destiny 2 PvP players one of their most requested features with the return of the Rumble mode, many felt this new version was disappointing. From poor spawn mechanics to an overcrowded feel, Rumble’s return to Destiny 2 was met with more criticism than enthusiasm. Now that Rumble has rotated out of the weekly Crucible playlist (replaced by Mayhem), Bungie can add...[Read More]

Deadpool 2: Check Out The Newest Trailer And Goofy Poster [UPDATE]

UPDATE: the US version of the latest Deadpool 2 poster has now been released. Check it out at the end of this story. After a couple of months of strange posters and unconventional promos, we finally got the full, official Deadpool 2 trailer last week. The movie hits theaters on May 18, and now we have a second, green-band trailer, plus a new international poster. The trailer is largely the same as...[Read More]

Fortnite Releases Awesome Raven Skin and Glider

Fortnite players get to enjoy various updates and continuous changes to the game such as the recently added vending machines, but it’s not always clear where the inspiration for these changes come from. However, that’s not true for the latest costume and glider, which is clearly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, a foundational figure of the Southern Gothic genre. Right after data miners discovered that...[Read More]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Battle Royale is “Simply Impossible” to Undertake

Game structure changes and technical challenges are the main culprits. Ubisoft is continuing its strong support for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the open world third person shooter where players hunt down drug cartel members. We’ve seen numerous free updates in 2017 and a second year of content – including new maps for the PvP mode Ghost War – is also confirmed. However, everyone has been wondering the...[Read More]

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