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Command and Conquer Remasters in the Works

report this ad Electronic Arts is making good on its promise to revisit the original Command & Conquer games, announcing today that several remasters are in the works. Both the original Command & Conquer (rebranded as Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn) and Command & Conquer: Red Alert are being remastered to start. Neither remaster has started active development as of yet, but EA is...[Read More]

Fallout 76: How to Get Free Atoms

In addition to the various resources that players can collect, Fallout 76 also offers a premium currency called Atoms. These Atoms can be purchased with microtransactions and allow players to unlock cosmetics, such as character outfits rather than any gameplay-affecting upgrades. However, players don’t necessarily have to pay to get Atoms; they can actually get a substantial amount of Atoms for fr...[Read More]

Fortnite Disables Glider Re-Deploy in Battle Royale

report this ad Fortnite’s most contentious new addition has been removed from solo, duo, and squad play in the Battle Royale mode. Glider re-deploy will still be available in the Playground mode and some limited time modes, but it will no longer be a core piece of the battle royale experience. Since its introduction, glider re-deploy has had its fair share of fans and detractors. The debates raged...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Complete Algernon Wasp’s 1st Exotic Items List

report this ad Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very big game with a very big map, and its characters like to send players all over the place, fetching things for them. From finding a one-of-a-kind pipe for Dutch to locating a book for Jack or a harmonica for Sadie, the game has quite a few fetch quests. Another character with a special fetch quest for players is Algernon Wasp. Algernon Wasp is a strang...[Read More]

Pokemon Let’s GO Datamine Confirms Version Exclusive Pokemon

report this ad Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are just days away from their November 16 release date, but some clever few have apparently garnered early access to the games — or at least to their data. Dataminers have pored through both Pokemon Let’s Go titles searching for interesting information and they seem to have found it. Nintendo Soup is reporting that all of the RPGs’...[Read More]

Fortnite Players Getting Free V-Bucks for False Bans

report this ad Epic Games appears to be implementing a policy for the benefit of good Fortnite players caught up in bad situations. Epic is doing a great job so far of eliminating hackers, cheaters, griefers, and jerks from ruining Fortnite for other players, but sometimes a regular player throws red flags on accident and ends up mistakenly banned. While Epic can’t give those players back their ba...[Read More]

Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert Remasters Announced

Will come with all the expansions, and no microtransactions. EA has gone ahead and done it. The company has been bleeding goodwill for years now, which reached an almost satirical point earlier this year at E3, when they announced the first brand new Command and Conquer game in years… which turned out to be a mobile game. Now, EA is trying to make peace with the Command and Conquer fan base, becau...[Read More]

Explore Warcraft III’s Origins In This Rare Concept Art Gallery

Samwise Didier was working in a movie theater when he answered an ad in a paper to make video games. The first two games Didier worked on at Blizzard (then Silicon & Synapse) were Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings for the SNES. Didier’s exaggerated physiques and vibrant color palette ultimately shaped the style of Warcraft III and eventually World of Warcraft. During our tri...[Read More]

Xbox Game Pass Gets Pre-Loading, Starting With Crackdown 3

The incentive to simply use Game Pass instead of actually buying games on Xbox is increasing. One of the big issues with Game Pass until now, at least for new game releases, was that you couldn’t actually pre-load the games on your console. You had to wait till release day to download them, which meant you couldn’t play them right away if you wanted to. That changes soon, since Xbox Game Pass will...[Read More]

Xbox November Update Available Now, Brings Keyboard and Mouse Support

Also included in the update is expanded search functionality, and improvements to the Cortana Alexa skill. As Microsoft had previously announced multiple times, including at X018 last weekend, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One is here. It’s part of the November update for Xbox One, which is rolling out now, and which you can download for your console at this minute. Apart from keyboard and m...[Read More]

Contra-Inspired Shooter Blazing Chrome Arriving In 2019, Also Coming To Switch

It would be difficult to set out to make a game like Contra and not have it look exactly like Contra, so why not just lean into it instead? That’s pretty much what Blazing Chrome is setting out to do and it was obvious when we first took note of it at PAX East earlier this year, but every new trailer completely reinforces it. The developer has announced that you’ll be running and gunni...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Tops Sales Charts in Japan in Newest Media Create Reports

The calm before the storm that will be the launch of Pokemon. The newest Media Create report for video game hardware and software sales in Japan last week is now out, and it was a pretty quiet week overall last week. Nintendo Switch sales continued to rise week on week, reverting to selling over 50,000 units in the week, presumably due to excitement for the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smas...[Read More]

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