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ایرانیان سرور

Prickly Platforming

With its distinct art style, melancholy tone, and ambiguous story, Fe tries its best to run with the artistic indie video game crowd. While its heart is in the right place, Fe comes up short in nearly every way, delivering an experience that is frequently frustrating and consistently bland. Controlling a spiky being named Fe, you work your way through a large interconnected forest and save your an...[Read More]

Shining A Polished Gem

Loyalty isn’t easy to come by. The kind of devotion that inspires poets is only built over time. Civilization VI’s new Rise and Fall expansion takes this concept of loyalty and bakes it into Firaxis’ incredibly robust sim. Lead your nation well and you inspire other city-states to rally to your side. Mismanage your population and even your most cherished municipalities could rise up in secession. ...[Read More]

Lost In The Shadows

A Case of Distrust makes players feel at home in its noir world as they try and solve an intriguing case as private detective Phyllis Malone. The visual style and well-written dialogue easily draw in players, but the point-and-click gameplay – while natural for an investigative adventure title – does not do any favors to the noir vibe the game tries to establish. Malone is following in the footste...[Read More]

More Rough Than Diamond

The two half-clothed hunters circle me. One of them has already pegged me in the chest with an arrow, and they’re both taunting me as I try to duck out of sight, nude and armed only with a club that was once someone’s femur. The first hunter charges but misses with his spear. I slam the club into his face, killing him. I hear the pluck of the bow snap and turn just in time to get another arrow in ...[Read More]

A Nostalgic Epic

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