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Spider-Man Trailer Explores Open World with J.J. Jameson, Peter Parker Debate

In about less than a month from now, Spider-Man fans will finally be able to get their hands on a copy of Insomniac Games’ forthcoming superhero title that features an all-new story centered around the classic Peter Parker iteration of the famous Marvel character. Just a couple of days ago, the developer provided potential players with a brief rundown of what they can expect out of the game by way...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima ‘Making Of’ Video Explores Historical Roots

Ghost of Tsushima demanded attention at E3 2018 with an enchanting gameplay trailer boasting truly next-gen in-engine graphics, but this curious open-world samurai adventure is shaping up to be a whole lot more than a pretty picture. Today, Sony released a brief ‘Making Of’ feature detailing the rigorous effort developers are putting into historical accuracy. It isn’t new that Ghost of Tsushima wi...[Read More]

Fallout 76 Video Shows How Multiplayer Will Work

Ever since QuakeCon, information about Bethesda’s upcoming online action RPG, Fallout 76, has steadily become available, with an impressive number of perks being revealed. While many fans may still be processing the move to a card-based system, there’s still more to come about the game. Now, Bethesda has unveiled a new video that shows off a minute amount of multiplayer information, which essentia...[Read More]

Spider-Man PS4 Releases New Launch Trailer

Spider-Man for the PS4 is one of the most highly-anticipated games of this year, and Insomniac Games has done an excellent job of maintaining that excitement with the release of interviews, gameplay, and trailers. Now, another trailer has been released for the upcoming arachnid adventure, and it looks pretty stellar. [embedded content] A lot of the gameplay has been seen before, like the helicopte...[Read More]

Here’s How Fallout 76’s Perk System Works

Several days ago, Bethesda promised fans that it would provide a closer look at Fallout 76‘s character system and perks during ZeniMax Media’s annual convention to celebrate and promote the company’s major franchises, QuakeCon 2018. Now that day has come, as the publisher and developer has released a new trailer showing off the way in which it has revamped the post-apocalyptic franchise’s S.P.E.C....[Read More]

Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter DLC Releasing Next Week

The Elder Scrolls Online has been quietly chugging along since 2014, remaining a fresh experience for players thanks to consistent content updates and DLC packs. Coming August 13 on PC and August 28 on console, the Wolfhunter expansion will take the series back to its lycanthropic roots, with werewolf battles being a primary component. Along with the Wolfhunter announcement, Bethesda also gave a b...[Read More]

Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Highlights Story Details, Vehicle Combat, and More

As many attendees of E3 2018 would likely attest, the forthcoming first-person shooter from Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios, Rage 2, was easily one of the best games on-hand at the event. Of course, not everyone has been able to try out what the title will be offering, so its creators decided to provide an extended gameplay trailer for the project during QuakeCon 2018 that highlights ...[Read More]

DOOM Eternal Reveals New Gameplay

Doom is one of the most energetic and gory franchises on the market and developer Bethesda Softworks looks to be upping the ante with DOOM Eternal, which was announced during their E3 2018 press conference. The developer showed off some all-new gameplay today during their QuakeCon Keynote. Note: The gameplay footage begins around the 1:16:00 mark. [embedded content] The demo starts off in the tigh...[Read More]

20 Things We Learned from Red Dead Redemption 2’s Gameplay Trailer

After teasing earlier this week that an official gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 was on the way, Rockstar Games has now released the footage in order to give players a better idea of how the title will play when it launches later this year. Thankfully, the developer provided potential players with a little more than six minutes of actual in-game 4K footage, with the video offering a wea...[Read More]

Pokemon Let’s GO Shows Off Mega Evolutions

Following mega evolution rumors that surfaced about a week ago, Pokemon Let’s GO unveiled a new trailer that altogether confirms the presence of mega evolution in the game. Not only that, however, but this new trailer showcases Vermilion City, double battles, and the presence of Team Rocket. Because of their presence, this trailer does much to promote the hype about the upcoming role-playing game....[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Details

With a release date quickly approaching, Red Dead Redemption 2 remains somewhat of an enigma for many fans following multiple delays, a long development cycle, and a slow stream of new details. The marketing machine may be picking up steam however as Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently boasted that the upcoming open-world title would redefine the gaming industry and while Rockstar Ga...[Read More]

The World Ends With You: Final Remix Gets Release Date for Switch

During a Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this year, it was announced that the cult classic DS action RPG The World Ends With You was coming to the Switch as The World Ends With You: Final Remix. And thanks to a new teaser trailer, we now know exactly when fans can expect the enhanced port of the game. As revealed in the trailer, The World Ends With You: Final Remix will launch on October 12, ...[Read More]

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