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Fortnite Adds Beef Boss Outfit and Durr Burger Cosmetics

Fortnite Adds Beef Boss Outfit and Durr Burger Cosmetics

It’s been a busy week for Fortnite as the game not only entered beta for Android devices, but a brand new patch was also released for players. The bigger news came earlier in the week, however, when dataminers posted new information online indicating that plenty of new personalization items were likely on the way. One of those listed items is actually now available from the Fortnite in-game shop.

One of the items in the full datamined list of Fortnite customization items was for a skin known as DurrBurger Hero. In a post on Twitter, Epic Games confirmed the skin by announcing that the officially named Beef Boss outfit and gear could be purchased from the in-game store. The epic level skin, which comes with a french fry backpack, sells for 1,500 V-Bucks, while a fast food-inspired glider known as the Flying Saucer can be had for 1,200. The last piece in the set is an uncommon pickaxe called the Patty Whacker and sells for only 500 V-Bucks.

Beef Boss represents the mascot for DurrBurger, a fictional fast food restaurant form the Fortnite world. Epic Games has recently used the DurrBurger mascot for a real-life marketing stunt, placing the symbol out in the California desert prior to the start of the current Battle Royale season. The skin also joins the likes of Tomato Head as the only two skins to represent actual map locations within the game.

With Beef Boss now official, it seems that fans will also be getting the other items found within the datamined information. In addition to new skins, pickaxes, backpacks, and other purchasable items, dataminers also discovered that Epic may be planning to add an option that allows players to customize the Battle Bus and vehicles like the ATK cart. Hats, calling cards, victory poses, and map markers are the other new customization features likely launching in the coming weeks and months.

Fortnite is available now in early access for for iOS, PC, PS4, Samsung Galaxy, Switch, and Xbox One.

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