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Halo Infinite: Microsoft Unwilling To Comment On Xbox Play Anywhere Support

Halo Infinite: Microsoft Unwilling To Comment On Xbox Play Anywhere Support

Microsoft have sent out a pretty vague statement that really doesn’t say much.

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We recently wrote a report on how Halo Infinite could possibly not include support for Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Play Anywhere allows you to purchase a digital copy of any game that supports it on either Xbox One or PC, and then play that game across both platforms with continued progress with just that purchase.

Microsoft have now sent out an official comment on whether or not the feature will be included in Halo Infinite, and it… really doesn’t tell us anything. “Halo Infinite is in development for both the Xbox and Windows 10 PC,” a Microsoft spokesperson told GameSpot. “The studio is taking the time needed to make the best Halo game possible and are we will share more information about the game once we’re ready.”

So yeah, we know exactly as much now as we did before Microsoft said anything on the matter. It should, however, be noted that Halo Infinite is quite far away from release, and there are many aspects about it that may not even have been decided yet by 343 Industries, so they simply cannot comment on those things yet. Play Anywhere support might be one of those things.

Recently, we heard that the developers are probably not all too interested in including battle royale in Halo Infinite, while another report told us that the game might possibly feature GaaS (Games-as-a-service) elementsHalo Infinite is currently without a release date, and we don’t even know if it will launch on the Xbox One or a next gen Xbox- either way, stick with GamingBolt and we’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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