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PUBG Is Free on Xbox One This Week

PUBG Is Free on Xbox One This Week

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Much of the success and popularity of battle royale games the past couple of years can give thanks to PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds, and now more Xbox One owners can see what all the fuss is about without having to pay. With the full release of PUBG on Xbox One going live this past September, Microsoft is handing out a generous offer for the few players who have yet to drop in at no cost to them.

As confirmed by the Xbox Marketplace, Xbox One owners can download PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for free up until November 11th. While the biggest news is that the game will be free for a limited time, Xbox has also teased from it official Twitter account to expect some “Big PUBG news” this Saturday during the company’s XO18 event.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds first launched on PC back in Spring 2017, before releasing in early access for Xbox One in December later that year. Version 1.0 launched for PC later that same month, while the final version for Xbox One launched in September, and is currently sitting in the console’s timed exclusivity window. Being in early access didn’t stop PUBG from getting the attention it deserved, as it was nominated for Game of the Year at the 2017 Game Awards.

Microsoft generally has a one year exclusivity deal with third-party games (think Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015), so a port for the game on PlayStation 4 is surely imminent, especially when one considers the Korean ratings board has listed PUBG for PlayStation 4 coming in December. Handing the game out for free is a good way for Xbox to snatch up anyone who may still be on the fence about buying the game outright, and may potentially stop some consumers from going with the PS4 version instead. Whether or not that actually comes to pass remains to be seen, however.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out now for Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox One.

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