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Rumored Xbox All Access Subscription contains Console, Games and Online

Rumored Xbox All Access Subscription contains Console, Games and Online

Windows Central reports that Microsoft has a major new subscription program in the pipeline called Xbox All Access. The new paid service will include an Xbox One system, Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Pass for two years. At the time, it looks like Xbox All Access will be a US-only service.

The team at Windows Central is citing their sources which claim that Xbox All Access is going to be announced by Microsoft this month. The service will supposedly run users $22 per month for an Xbox One S or $35 per month for the premium Xbox One X.

The monthly fee might look steep at first glance but if you consider how much each of the supposed benefits add up over a period of two years each, it’s actually a sound investement for gamers who want to enter the Xbox One ecosystem.

An Xbox One console will cost you $299 for the S and $499 for the enhanced X version respectively. While being usually available cheaper during sales or third-party sales, one year Xbox Live costs $59.99 per year. Lastly, Xbox Game Pass is already offering great value for $9.99 a month.

If you add up each individual cost, you end up at a bit $659 or $859 for Xbox One S and X respectively, over a two-year period. The exact same services and consoles would only cost you $528 or $840 for the Xbox One S or X through the rumored Xbox All Access subscription. A mere $20 savings when opting for the more premium Xbox One X but the real benefit is apparent by going with the Xbox One S, achieving an incredible $130 in savings over two years. Nothing to scoff at.

So, while the Xbox All Access program isn’t likely to revolutionize the way we purchase game consoles, it has absoluely the potential to enable a wide gamut of households to comfortably acquire a modern multimedia gaming system. After all, many families cannot justify the traditional initial high entry fee but could stomach a low monthly one.

We’ll keep you updated with any news about Xbox All Access and more.

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