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Spider-Man Sold Through Almost Entire Shipment in Japan

Spider-Man Sold Through Almost Entire Shipment in Japan

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We already know that Spider-Man did something very rare for a western game, when it launched atop the software charts in the country’s weekly sales charts last week. With almost 130,000 copies sold, Spider-Man ended up selling more than 2.5 times the copies that God of War sold in the country earlier in the year. However, it could have sold more—if there had been more copies for it to sell.

In a report by Media Create analyzing the sales numbers that they furnished, they note that Spider-Man ended up selling through almost its entire shipment, with 96.17% of all copies on the shelves sold. As a result, it is estimated that several buyers may have instead resorted to getting the game digitally instead. Sales of Spider-Man also caused PS4 Pro sales to spike—at least 4,000 units of the limited edition PS4 Pro bundle are estimated to have been sold in the country.

So yes, on the whole, I think it is safe to conclude that the game has done remarkably well in the country, even as Sony’s other marquee first party games have often struggled to do well there.

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