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Anthem’s Next Livestream Showcases The Forge on November 15th

Javelin appearance customization will be showcased in this roughly 30 minute stream. Following a tweet that it would have another livestream by next week, Anthem lead producer Ben Irving confirmed a date. You can look forward to seeing more of the game on November 15th at 3 PM CST. However, we’re not just seeing more gameplay – the roughly 30 minute livestream will showcase the Forge and the vario...[Read More]

Anthem Receives New Details: Futuristic Weapons, Javelin Personalization, and More

BioWare devs give out further details on the upcoming shared world shooter. BioWare devs have, as always, been active on social media, answering questions by fans about their upcoming shared world shooter Anthem. First up is Ben Irving, lead producer on the game. Following a recent round of livestreams, many people have been wondering about when we might get to see more live gameplay footage of th...[Read More]

Anthem Shows Off Mass Effect Themed Javelin Design

report this ad As many BioWare fans know, November 7 (N7) is a special “holiday” tied in with the beloved Mass Effect franchise. Even if the latest entry left a sour taste in some mouths, it is still a day whereupon many look to BioWare for something special. In addition to revealing Xbox One support for Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem Lead Producer Michael Gamble showcased that online-only multipla...[Read More]

Anthem Includes Mass Effect’s Legendary N7 Armor

An N7 paintjob for the Interceptor calls to mind the iconic Commander Shepard. Remember when Anthem’s Ranger was shown with a skin that resembled Mass Effect’s N7 armour? It seems BioWare is including the actual armour as a skin for other classes. Lead producer Michael Gamble tweeted out an image for N7 Day of the Interceptor with the N7 armour paint job. It looks incredibly sleek, though how fans...[Read More]

Anthem Players Will Get Individual Loot Drops for Missions

report this ad As the weeks and months press on to Anthem‘s release, BioWare and Electronic Arts continue to prime potential players with plenty of information about what they should expect when the action-RPG finally comes out next year. Just recently, in fact, a lot of particulars came out of the game’s closed alpha, with one of the major details confirming that players will get individual loot ...[Read More]

Anthem – BioWare Nerfs Storm, Gives More Details On Gear

The Storm Javelin has been debuffed due to being “too good and OP”. We’ve been learning a great deal about each of the four exosuits, called Javelins, that will be the stars of the show in BioWare’s upcoming shared world shooter, Anthem. After getting to learn about the abilities and ultimates of all four of them, and getting to watch a good chunk of gameplay for the Interceptor and Storm Javelins...[Read More]

Anthem: Every Javelin Ultimate and Ability

report this ad As Anthem‘srelease date slowly approaches, BioWare and EA continue to reveal more and more about their upcoming open-world shooter. Earlier in the week, the Storm Javelin was shown off during a livestream session and while fans got a good look at the movement and class skills, the gameplay also showed off its Ultimate. Following that reveal, BioWare has gone ahead and fully revealed...[Read More]

Anthem – EA Reveals Further Details On All Exosuits’ Abilities and Ultimates

Details on weapons, melee attacks, ultimates, specialities, and a lot more have been revealed. EA and BioWare have begun to reveal some of the more specific details on the stars of their upcoming shared world shooter Anthem, the exosuits called Javelin. After releasing a trailer that gave us glimpses at some of their abilities and ultimates, they’ve now shared further details on the same. First up...[Read More]

Anthem Livestream Provides New Gameplay Footage of Storm, Interceptor

Lead producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving also discuss gear, controls and more. BioWare’s Anthem received some new footage at Paris Games Week but the development team hasn’t stopped there. Lead producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving streamed some of the game last night while also answering a few questions. You can watch the stream VOD here, courtesy of Twitch. Along with more gameplay of Storm and ...[Read More]

Anthem Trailer Reveals Each Javelin’s Abilities and Ultimates

Get a closer look at the Interceptor’s Ultimate for perhaps the first time. BioWare has its work cut out for it with Anthem, a shared world shooter set in a brand new universe with power armour to fly around in. Dubbed “Javelins”, we’ve heard a lot about these suits and seen a bit of what they’re capable of. In a new trailer courtesy of IGN, we get to see each Javelin’s abilities and Ultimates lai...[Read More]

EA Increases Anthem Sales Forecast Following Strong Feedback

“When we originally forecasted it, we forecasted it at a pretty low level,” says EA. Looks like EA’s getting increasingly more confident about BioWare’s upcoming shared world shooter, Anthem, and how it will perform for them, in commercial terms. EA announced during an investors call for their Q2 2019 earnings meeting that their initial expectations for sales from the game were probably a bit on t...[Read More]

Anthem Gameplay Video Shows Storm Javelin Combat

report this ad Several weeks ago, Anthem director Jonathan Warner stated that BioWare being able to focus on gameplay first with the forthcoming action-RPG has been a “refreshing” and “invigorating” experience, as the studio’s previous approach put its primary attention on story and plot points. In order to show players looking forward to the title even more of the gameplay that Warner and the stu...[Read More]

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