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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets New Video Highlighting Graphical Improvements in Stages Over Wii U Version

That’s a more substantial facelift than I thought it would be… The Switch isn’t that much more powerful than the Wii U- but you wouldn’t know that by just how much of a facelift the stages in the game have gotten compared to the superlative Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which launched on Nintendo’s troubled console four years ago, and served as a base for this new game. YouTube channel GameXplain h...[Read More]

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Release Date is Later Than Expected

Dark Souls Remastered was announced for Nintendo Switch back in January, with fans of the new Nintendo console excited to play the ultra-hard RPG on the go. The game had been scheduled to release in May, but publisher Bandai Namco later announced that the game had been delayed to summer 2018. Unfortunately, it seems that even “summer” was an optimistic timeframe, as the new Dark Souls Remastered N...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Teasing New Horror Game Project

Bandai Namco is teasing a new horror game for a potential reveal later this month. Details regarding the project are fairly slim at the moment, but a teaser site for the game appeared with the title “Summer Horror Project.” As of right now, there isn’t much to the website save for a video of the outside of a house or office building with the label “domas-scene01,” an August 30th time stamp, and a ...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Limited Edition in Europe

Featuring a GameCube Controller, adaptor, and a steelbook case. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks not just like the ultimate Smash Bros. game, but also a celebration of video gaming as a whole, and one of the best incarnations of Nintendo’s crossover fighting game franchise that there is. So, if you are excited to join in on the festivities this time, you will be excited to learn of a new Limited E...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Creator Says He Will Make More Games in the Series If Demand for Them Is There

So it sounds like he will make more games in the series. Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, and the director on every single game in the series, has been famously outspoken against working on any further games in the franchise, citing fatigue at the scale of their development (Sakurai has a crazy work ethic, and famously refuses to delegate), as well as his desire to...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hasn’t Revealed Every Character Yet

On Wednesday, August 8, Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct presentation for the upcoming Switch-exclusive fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that revealed plenty of exciting new details. Fans seemed most hyped about the new fighters that were announced, like King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country and some Castlevania fighters, and as it turns out, there are even more character reveals on the w...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Menu Teases An Unannounced Mode

Please be Adventure or Subspace Emissary… As part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate broadcast this morning, series creator Masahiro Sakurai talked about a lot of the game modes that will be in the game, including a lot of variations on the traditional fighting modes the series is known for (I say traditional, but nothing about fights in Smash is traditional). However, Sakurai then proceeded to sho...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pokeball Pokemon and Item Inclusions Confirmed

Everyone really is here, in some form or the other. In the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that Nintendo broadcast this morning, they had a lot of information to share. From new characters to new assist trophies, to the confirmation of how many stages there will be in the game (over 100!)- but they also took the time to reveal the items and Pokeball Pokemon that will be making it into this insta...[Read More]

King K.Rool Announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Dark Samus and Chrom Announced as Echo Fighters

Nintendo really is trying to make this the “ultimate” Smash Bros. game. Ending the hype-filled Super Smash Bros. Direct Nintendo broadcast this morning was the announcement that King K.Rool, the villain from the classic Donkey Kong Country series, and a fan favorite whose inclusion in the franchise has been requested for over a decade now, will be a playable character in the new game. The announce...[Read More]

Dragon Ball FighterZ- New Update Available, Brings Balance Changes

The update changes the attacks of the some of the fighters in the game. Even a few months after its release, Dragon Ball FighterZ is still receiving new characters, and the beta will soon be available for the game’s upcoming Nintendo Switch version as well. Now, a new update has been released by developers Arc System Works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it brings some balancing changes, including ...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Wants to Make More Games for Nintendo Switch

Namco is coming around to supporting Nintendo’s new console. Bandai Namco, like most business savvy third parties after the failure of the Wii U, weren’t fully sold on Nintendo’s Switch, and its prospects on the market. But the system went on to become the fastest selling one in US history, and is now approaching 20 million units sold after a little more than a year on the market. And they, too, m...[Read More]

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sets EVO Viewership Record on Twitch

Bandai Namco and Arc Systems Works have a hit on their hands here. Dragon Ball FighterZ was the game with the most registrations for EVO this year; but its popularity wasn’t just with the players, it was also with the viewers, as it ended up becoming the most viewed EVO event this year on the video game live streaming site Twitch. In fact, with over 258,000 concurrent viewers, the game wasn’t just...[Read More]

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