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Anthem: New Details Revealed On Servers, Solo Missions, Co-op, And More

Executive producer Mark Darrah answers a bunch of questions. The development team over at BioWare currently working on Anthem has been pretty transparent in terms of answering fans’ questions for plenty of time. Just recently, new details on things such as level caps, new game +, and endgame have emerged as a result of this. Now, executive producer Mark Darrah has once again taken to Twitter to an...[Read More]

Anthem: Wildlife Creatures Loot Detailed, May Have A Natural Organic System

Producer Ben Irving gives bits of info on why (and if) you should fight the wildlife in Anthem. The world of Anthem is going to be a wild and hostile one. Not in terms of PvP (the game, in fact, won’t have PvP, at least at launch), but rather more inherently. From hostile factions to the wildlife population in the game to the elements themselves, everything in Anthem is going to be out to get you....[Read More]

BioWare Suggests More Mass Effect, Dragon Age Games in the Works

With Anthem being such an ambitious project, and one that EA have stated is planned to be a 10-year journey, many BioWare fans have voiced concerns that we may not see any more games from the studio’s other series, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Thankfully, a blog post from BioWare today puts these worries to rest, confirming that the team is working on some “secret stuff” related to both franchises....[Read More]

Anthem Dev Confirms Map Size

Following the reveal of Anthem‘s release date and a long-awaited trailer during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 press conference, the video game developer BioWare has been steadily divulging details about what players should expect from the forthcoming action-RPG. Just recently, in fact, the studio’s Technical Design Director, Brenon Holmes, confirmed the just how big map size will be for the game’s Jave...[Read More]

Forza Horizon Studio Hires Developers from Bioware, EA Motive, and Guerrilla

Playground Games gearing up for that Fable reboot, then. We’ve known a few things for a while- Forza Horizon studio Playground Games is working on a new open world RPG, which Phil Spencer himself explicitly confirmed at E3 last month, and that this new RPG is rumored to be a Fable reboot, in part motivated by the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn last year. With Playground Games’ primary talent being ...[Read More]

Anthem Won’t Offer Content for Large Player Groups at Launch

Ever since E3 2018, more and more information concerning Bioware’s upcoming online multiplayer action RPG, Anthem, has been revealed, with a major source of information being the game’s executive producer Mark Darrah. For example, it was Darrah who recently clarified that Javelins do not have separate skill trees, with that actually dependent upon the player’s Freelancer level. Now, during another...[Read More]

Anthem’s Recent Map Reveal Is More Or Less The Final Size of The Game’s World

Plus, new info on how dying and respawning will work in the game. Among the many, many questions we all have about BioWare’s upcoming shared-world RPG Anthem is one that pertains to its world, and how large it will be (though to be fair, that seems to be a question we have for most games these days). Recently, a huge chunk of Anthem’s map was revealed, and it’s not been confirmed that that is more...[Read More]

Anthem’s Success Won’t Determine BioWare’s Future

With its upcoming sci-fi RPG, Anthem, BioWare will be doing its best to get back into fans’ good graces. The developer fell from grace following the poor reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda and many will be hoping that the forthcoming game will be a return to form for BioWare. But what happens if it ends up being a failure? One theory that has been discussed online is that if Anthem is a failure, ...[Read More]

Anthem- New Details Revealed About Javelin Suit Customization, Weapons, And More

Mark Darrah has been answering a lot of fans’ queries about the game on Twitter. The developers of Anthem had recently revealed quite a lot of details about the game via Twitter. Now, the game’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah has continued providing information regarding different aspects of the game including customization options, weapons, and more. First of all, we get to learn that during free...[Read More]

Anthem Failure Won’t Cause “The End of Bioware” – Former Designer

James Ohlen says that shortcomings will be a chance for Bioware “to learn some lessons”. A lot has been riding on Bioware’s Anthem, a shared world shooter that combines loot-grinding and games-as-a-service elements into one giant package. We’ve heard stories about the developer doubling down on it, which were exacerbated by its delay, but production has seemingly been going smoothly. Nonetheless, ...[Read More]

Anthem Gear Will Offer Set Bonuses

BioWare’s ambitious next title Anthem is still a long way off, but we’re starting to get a more detailed picture of what the game will be like thanks to frequent details from developers. Information about the gear mechanics in the game is something fans are very curious about; it has been confirmed that weapons will feature random stat rolls, and now it has also been revealed that certain combinat...[Read More]

Anthem PC Version Probably Won’t Have Party Chat And Support For Satellite Internet

BioWare’s Brenon Holmes talks about the additional costs of implementing certain features. BioWare have been pretty approachable in terms of fielding questions about Anthem from their fans online. Recently, Brenon Holmes took the time to answer a couple of fan questions on Reddit about whether certain features will be included in the game, namely support for satellite internet, and party chat. Acc...[Read More]

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