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Blizzard Founder Says Company “Tried” To Bring Diablo 4 News To Blizzcon

“Fans are letting us know what they want us to be working on. Loudly.” Diablo: Immortal was met with all the rage and fury of its fans when it was announced, and a lot of that had to do with Blizzard simply not reading the room right. After teasing fans with the prospect of a Diablo 4 all year long, all they had to show was a mobile game outsourced to a company known for making poor Diablo knock-o...[Read More]

Report: Diablo 4 Announcement Pulled by Blizzard Before BlizzCon

report this ad Over the weekend, Blizzard Entertainment found itself steeped in controversy with its fan base after closing out its keynote address at BlizzCon 2018 with a reveal of a mobile project for its classic action-RPG franchise, Diablo Immortal. When it became clear that Diablo 4 was not going to be mentioned, many went on to express disappointment with the company for not at least showing...[Read More]

Blizzard Didn’t Expect Negative Response to Diablo Immortal

report this ad After Blizzard revealed that it was going to share some Diablo-related news at BlizzCon 2018, fans were expecting either Diablo IV or a Diablo Remaster. Instead, fans were met with a mobile game entitled Diablo Immortal, which was a surprise announcement – a surprise that has not been well-met. At a Q&A shortly after the reveal of Diablo Immortal, a dissatisfied fan asked,”is th...[Read More]

World of Warcraft Classic Will Be Free For Subscribers, Out in 2019

Classic Warcraft fans really seem to be in for a treat next year. After spending years telling fans that they didn’t really want classic World of Warcraft (i.e., the game as it used to be pre-expansions), Blizzard finally capitulated and announced World of Warcraft Classic, which is exactly what the name sounds like—an official server that will host World of Warcraft as it used to be back in the d...[Read More]

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s Newest Cinematic Features a “Shocking” Plot Twist

I’m sure literally no fan saw this one coming… Blizzard arguably makes the best CG visuals in the industry. While their actual dialog and storytelling leaves a lot to be desired, their CG visuals are so hype inducing and fantastic, they’ve become iconic over the years (we all remember, I am sure, “Hell, it’s about time”). Today, during Blizzcon, the company showed off a brand new cinematic for Wor...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Free on PC Until November 18

report this ad From the reveal of Warcraft 3: Reforged to the unveiling of Diablo: Immortal, there have been plenty of big announcements to come out of BlizzCon 2018, but perhaps one of the more surprising pieces of information from the event relates to Destiny 2. To celebrate the anniversary of Bungie’s science fiction shooter releasing on PC, the game is now available for free on the platform th...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Announced At BlizzCon

report this ad Every year that BlizzCon rolls back around, Overwatch fans wait with anticipation for the announcement of the game’s next playable hero. One again, Blizzard did not disappoint, and introduces audiences to Ashe, the 29th character to join the roster. In true Blizzard fashion, Miss Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe premiered in an all-new cinematic trailer called “Reunion” that follows the sua...[Read More]

Warcraft 3 Reforged Announced

report this ad Without a doubt, plenty of Blizzard Entertainment fans are excited by all of the announcements coming out of BlizzCon 2018, as there’s a fresh Hearthstone expansion on the way, a new hero for Overwatch, the mobile game Diablo: Immortal, and more. Among these big reveals is another title that should excite players, with Blizzard having unveiled its plans to release Warcraft 3: Reforg...[Read More]

Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Details And Name Leak

report this ad BlizzCon 2018 has started a bit earlier than expected, wit the announcement of a new Hearthstone expansion having leaked. According to the leak, the new Hearthstone expansion is called Rastakhan’s Rumble and will feature 135 new cards. It’s likely to release in December if not soon thereafter. The 50-card pack pre-orders for Rastakhan’s Rumble are expected shortly after the BlizzCon...[Read More]

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