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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo Arrives on August 16th

Nintendo Switch users get to try out all six Hunting Styles and Prowler abilities before launch. Monster Hunter World may finally be on PC but for many fans that have already burned themselves out on Capcom’s console offering, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is almost here. Even better, Capcom has announced a demo for the Nintendo Switch port coming on August 16th, complete with all six Hunter...[Read More]

Playable Devil May Cry 5 Demo Will Be At Gamescom 2018

Devil May Cry 5 will have a playable demo at this year’s Gamescom, according to the game’s director Hideaki Itsuno. Announced earlier today via Itsuno’s official Twitter page, the demo is officially complete and will be ready for Gamescom 2018 in just ten days. Devil May Cry 5 was first announced this past June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Gamers got a first look at what would be a direct...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World is the Fastest and Highest Selling Japanese Third Party Game of this Generation

There’s no stopping this monstrous behemoth. Do you want more of an idea on just how massive Monster Hunter World has truly been? Well, as ResetEra pointed out, the game, with 8.3 million units sold for the console versions so far, and another 2 million sold for the PC version, is now the fastest selling Japanese third party game of the generation, having sold at a quicker pace than Resident Evil ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Sells Over 10 Million- Report

I can’t think of any game that deserves this more. Monster Hunter World has been a monstrous success (heh), but it looks like the actual extent of just how much it has sold may not have been fully appreciated by fans just yet. See, with Capcom having announced sales of 8.3 million as of June 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and with SteamSpy estimating that the PC version was at l...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Sales Suspended In China

In an unfortunate turn of events, it appears that the Chinese release of Monster Hunter World on PC has been pulled from its storefront due to regulatory complaints. Monster Hunter World, which launched this past week on PC, and was reported to have well over 1 million pre-orders through the digital storefront WeGame. However, WeGame has since been forced to suspend sales of the game and remove it...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Sells 2 Million Units on Steam – Report

Capcom’s PC port also breaks its previous record for peak concurrent players in a day. The PC version for Monster Hunter World landed just a few days ago and it’s been incredibly popular, becoming the biggest launch for a Japanese game ever. According to Steam Spy, the overall reception maybe even better than we thought. The site estimates that the PC version sold more than 2 million units within ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC- New Mod Fixes HDR Implementation and Adds Other Features

The modder has stated that the game makes it very hard for the consumer to add mods to it. Now that Monster Hunter World is out on PC, we can expect to see quite a few mods being released for it. We had reported earlier on a mod that adds ultra-wide support to the game. Now, a new mod has been released, which fixes the implementation of HDR on PC. Furthermore, it also brings in some new features, ...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, And Resident Evil 2 Ranked In Latest Famitsu Charts

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also charts high in the top 10. Last week, Resident Evil 2 broke into the top 15 of Famitsu’s weekly charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games (as decided by votes from their readers), and it’s now moved up in the rankings even more. The upcoming remake of the PS1 classic comes in at #9. Meanwhile, permanent fixtures Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts ...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition in Japan is $900

With Resident Evil 2 having won Best of Show at E3 2018, there’s no doubt that myriad survival-horror diehards and casual fans alike are ready to get their hands on a copy of the forthcoming remake of the 1998 classic from Capcom. Naturally, some will be satisfied to just buy the base content, but many fans will definitely want the option to splurge on special versions of the game to grow their co...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World- A Mod that Adds Ultra-Wide Support Is Currently In the Works

The mod is still a work-in-progress, since it causes a few graphical problems in its current state. Monster Hunter World is finally out for the PC, and it’s had a record breaking launch. While it’s a pretty good port overall, there are some features, such as ultra-wide support, that we had expected to see in the game that are missing from the official release. Thankfully, a modder is now working t...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World’s Arch-Tempered Teostra Now Live on Consoles

The newest Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon arrives with some new gear and Layered Armour. While the PC populace enjoys the release of Monster Hunter World on their platform, Xbox One and PS4 players have other matters to attend to. The newest Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon, Teostra, is now live on consoles. Check out the Event quest “Scorn of the Sun” and head to the Elder’s Recess to fight him. You until ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World is the Biggest Game Launch on Steam in 2018

Yesterday’s PC release for Monster Hunter World is a record-breaking success. Only one day after release, Monster Hunter World broke the record for most concurrent players for a new game launch in 2018, on Steam. [embedded content] The excitement for Monster Hunter World among the PC player base was palpable ever since the game was announced last year, with PC confirmed as a targeted platform. Thi...[Read More]

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