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Multiple Diablo Projects Will Be Revealed Over The Coming Year, Says Blizzard

Let’s just hope they actually do have something meaningful to show this time. With the announcement of Diablo: Immortal, the ensuing backlash, and the questions about exactly what is going on with the long anticipated Diablo 4, there may be many fans who have sworn off the series (for now) entirely. However, presumably in a continued attempt to placate fans, Blizzard’s Diablo team posted an update...[Read More]

Diablo Immortal Was Originally Intended Only For Chinese Audiences – Report

Blizzard eventually decided they would polish up the game and release it worldwide. Diablo Immortal’s announcement at BlizzCon did not go down well with a large section of Blizzard’s fanbase. And though the outrage is something that is a bit of an overreaction, it’s not completely misplaced either. It was a poorly handled, poorly timed announcement for what is a mobile-exclusive game in what has h...[Read More]

Blizzard Founder Says Company “Tried” To Bring Diablo 4 News To Blizzcon

“Fans are letting us know what they want us to be working on. Loudly.” Diablo: Immortal was met with all the rage and fury of its fans when it was announced, and a lot of that had to do with Blizzard simply not reading the room right. After teasing fans with the prospect of a Diablo 4 all year long, all they had to show was a mobile game outsourced to a company known for making poor Diablo knock-o...[Read More]

Diablo Immortal Trolled by Domino’s Pizza

report this ad The reveal of Blizzard’s upcoming mobile game, Diablo Immortal, sparked near-universal backlash from fans of the series, leading to widespread outcry, a drop in Blizzard stocks, and now public shaming by an international pizza chain. The Facebook page for Domino’s Pizza Malaysia is using the controversy surrounding Blizzard’s now-infamous Diablo Immortal reveal as the centerpiece fo...[Read More]

Diablo Immortal Backlash Causes Blizzard to Change Social Media Profile Images Back to Diablo 3

Blizzard desperately trying to contain the negative reception to the upcoming Diablo Immortal. It’s extremely common, bordering on basically being industry practice, for social media outlets dedicated to a game developer or franchise to change their profile and banner pictures to whatever the newest release, upcoming or otherwise, is, as a way of implicitly advertising and endorsing it. And so, Bl...[Read More]

Blizzard Confirms It Is Developing Most Of Its Other Mobile Games In House

However, there will still be some partnerships with external developers. Even though there has been an incredible amount of blowback to Diablo Immortal, the smartphone entry in the Diablo series that Blizzard announced for iOS and Android devices at Blizzcon last week, Blizzard has already confirmed that it will be developing and pushing more mobile games to the market as part of a broader initiat...[Read More]

Blizzard to Make Mobile Games for All of its IPs

report this ad At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard Entertainment surprised fans and critics alike by announcing Diablo Immortal. Immortal, a mobile game, would bring the series’ RPG, loot-collecting action to smartphones and tablets. However, it seems that the newly announced title is just the start of Blizzard’s plans for mobile devices. In an interview that took place following the shock Diablo Immortal ...[Read More]

Activision Blizzard Stock Drops After Diablo Immortal Announcement

report this ad It hasn’t been a great past few days for both Diablo fans and Activision Blizzard. During BlizzCon this past weekend, the announcement of a brand new mobile game, Diablo Immortal, didn’t go over too well with fans, leading to a heavily skewed like-to-dislike ratio on the game’s announcement trailer on YouTube, as well as fan Q&A sessions making for uncomfortable situations for t...[Read More]

Activision Blizzard Stock Drops After Diablo Immortal Reveal

“Blizzard severely miscalculated how their fans would respond” said Cowen and Company to investors. Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo didn’t have the hottest weekend. Diablo Immortal for mobile phones was revealed at BlizzCon 2018 and met with a strong amount of backlash. While Blizzard did expect some amount of this, it probably didn’t envision shares for Activision Blizzard dropping when the New Y...[Read More]

Diablo 4 Announcement Wasn’t Planned for BlizzCon 2018 – Blizzard

Blizzard denies pulling any announcements or having any plans for the same. Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal generated its fair share of negative reactions from BlizzCon attendees and fans. The lack of news for any major sequel to Diablo 3 aka the coveted Diablo 4 also further annoyed. A report from Kotaku stated yesterday that the announcement was planned for BlizzCon 2018 with Blizzard co-founder Alle...[Read More]

Diablo 4 Was Meant to be Announced at Blizzcon, Pulled at the Last Minute – Rumor

This whole mess could have been avoided… One of the big reasons there has been so much rage about Diablo: Immortal’s announcement has been the larger context surrounding it. This was an announcement played up by Blizzard for the better part of a year, and all that fans got out of it by the end was a mobile game. It would have been fine if this had been accompanied by something like a tease for an ...[Read More]

Diablo 2 Producer Says Blizzard Doesn’t Understand Gamers Anymore

report this ad After Blizzard took the stage at BlizzCon and announced Diablo Immortal, a mobile game being developed in partnership with NetEase, the company claimed it wasn’t expecting the overwhelmingly negative response seen over the following days. However, a former Blizzard employee who served as producer on Diablo 2 is arguing that Blizzard may have been able to anticipate and potentially m...[Read More]

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