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Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert Remasters Announced

Will come with all the expansions, and no microtransactions. EA has gone ahead and done it. The company has been bleeding goodwill for years now, which reached an almost satirical point earlier this year at E3, when they announced the first brand new Command and Conquer game in years… which turned out to be a mobile game. Now, EA is trying to make peace with the Command and Conquer fan base, becau...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 Update Brings Fixes for Matchmaking, Revive Functionality, and More

Before the launch of the Deluxe Edition tomorrow, DICE has rolled out a new update for the game. Battlefield 5 is currently playable for all those who have subscriptions for Origin Access Premier, and is set to go live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for those who pre-ordered the game’s Deluxe Edition. Recently, DICE confirmed that they would be releasing a patch for the game ahead of the Deluxe Edition’...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 Dev Talks About the Importance of Single Player Content and Why DICE Didn’t Drop War Stories

“I still think there are people who like single-player campaigns,” says design director Daniel Berlin. Activision and Treyarch made the controversial decision this year to release Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 without a single player campaign, a first for the series, in order to focus more on the game’s multiplayer offerings. Their competitors at DICE and EA, however, have built upon the success they ...[Read More]

Nvidia’s Latest Driver Update Primes You Up For Battlefield 5, Hitman 2, and Fallout 76

Time to get ready for the upcoming avalanche of games! These are going to be a busy couple of weeks now, with several highly anticipated games coming out at last. Battlefield 5 is almost here, Fallout 76 is literally a few hours away, and Battlefield 5 comes next week. Meanwhile Hitman 2 is here, now. If you play on PC, that’s a lot of graphically taxing games you want to make sure your are prepar...[Read More]

FIFA 19 Update 1.04 Now Available On PS4 and Xbox One; Tweaks Shooting, Goalkeepers, and More

The update brings emphasized strength stats, improved shooting, and other changes. FIFA 19’s third major patch, update 1.04, launched for all PC players last week, and its now been made available for PS4 and Xbox One players as well. It weighs 1.5 GB on both consoles, and makes plenty of changes, in terms of balancing, UI, as well as tweaks to visuals and presentations. The most major changes come...[Read More]

Battlefield 5’s Launch Week Roadmap Detailed By DICE – Incoming Updates, Deluxe Edition, and More

DICE will be holding a livestream on November 15 to celebrate the launch of the Deluxe Edition. DICE’s global community manager, Dan Mitre has put up an update on Reddit that details what the studio’s got planned by way of updates and events as Battlefield V approaches its global launch. While the game’s already playable for Origin Access Premier subscribers on PC, it’ll be playable for all those ...[Read More]

Anthem’s Next Livestream Showcases The Forge on November 15th

Javelin appearance customization will be showcased in this roughly 30 minute stream. Following a tweet that it would have another livestream by next week, Anthem lead producer Ben Irving confirmed a date. You can look forward to seeing more of the game on November 15th at 3 PM CST. However, we’re not just seeing more gameplay – the roughly 30 minute livestream will showcase the Forge and the vario...[Read More]

Anthem Receives New Details: Futuristic Weapons, Javelin Personalization, and More

BioWare devs give out further details on the upcoming shared world shooter. BioWare devs have, as always, been active on social media, answering questions by fans about their upcoming shared world shooter Anthem. First up is Ben Irving, lead producer on the game. Following a recent round of livestreams, many people have been wondering about when we might get to see more live gameplay footage of th...[Read More]

New Battlefield 5 Trailer Boasts Xbox One X Enhancements

Showcasing the power of Frostbite in 4K. DICE never fails to produce games that are, if nothing else, at the very least visually stunning experiences. As the ones who created the Frostbite engine, they know just how to push it to its limits, and their games end up looking stellar almost every single time. Battlefield 5 is also looking like a stunning beast. EA have released a new trailer for the u...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 Launch Trailer is Full of Conflict

The most recent trailer is the last stop before the game’s official launch. The world is in conflict in Battlefield 5, DICE’s latest visitation to World War 2. This time around, the battle will be bigger than ever with new mechanics, Grand Operations and new War Stories. The launch trailer has arrived to hype players up and the comments already think this should have been the initial reveal traile...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Held Back to Prevent Fragmenting Player Base – DICE

“It sucks all the oxygen out of the room if you put too much in,” says DICE’s Ryan MacArthur. DICE’s lack of information regarding Battlefield 5’s Firestorm, especially as we got closer to release, pretty much hinted that it wouldn’t be available at launch. However, when the developer confirmed that the Battle Royale mode would be out in March 2019, it seemed out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t it make ...[Read More]

Anthem Includes Mass Effect’s Legendary N7 Armor

An N7 paintjob for the Interceptor calls to mind the iconic Commander Shepard. Remember when Anthem’s Ranger was shown with a skin that resembled Mass Effect’s N7 armour? It seems BioWare is including the actual armour as a skin for other classes. Lead producer Michael Gamble tweeted out an image for N7 Day of the Interceptor with the N7 armour paint job. It looks incredibly sleek, though how fans...[Read More]

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