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5 Enemies That Could Be Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Raid Boss

With Destiny 2: Forsaken right around the corner, many fans are clamoring to know more about the epic raid coming with the DLC. While Bungie has not said much, they have said that the raid will take place in the heart of the Dreaming City, a sacred site to the Awoken race. Bungie has also teased players with a series of cryptic hints and trailers that left fans with more questions than answers as ...[Read More]

New Evil Dead Game in Development, Bruce Campbell Voicing Ash

It’s been quite a while since video game fans got a new Evil Dead release, as the IP’s most recent titles, Evil Dead: The Game for iOS and Army of Darkness: Defense for iOS and Android both came out in 2011, leaving a significant gap between the last virtual incarnation of the property. Thankfully, though, it looks as if fans of the cult horror phenomenon will get the chance to play yet another vi...[Read More]

New Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rules Reveal Huge Flaw

While players continue to work on their Solstice of Heroes armor and bounties before the even comes to an end later this month, Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner have returned following a lengthy time off. The event has a few new changes from the last time it was available in Destiny 2 including now being able to gain Valor rank and completely replacing the normal control flags with Iron Banner fir...[Read More]

The Best Destiny 2 Weapons to Get Before Forsaken Launches

With Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion on the horizon, players are clamoring to find out the best weapons to get their hands on before the DLC launches. Whether it’s getting the soon-to-be unobtainable weapons, or just finding the best gear to get an early edge against the Scorn, there are plenty of weapons that players should pick up before Forsaken. Because Forsaken will be replacing some weapons i...[Read More]

10 Mythical Creatures We Want to See in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, fans of the franchise got to explore Egyptian mythology through the eyes of Bayek, as he faced the likes of Anubis, Sobek, Sekhmet, Apep, and the undead via the Curse of the Pharaohs DLC. Now, Assassin’s Creed fans will get the chance to dig deep into Greek mythology, as they explore it through the eyes of either Alexios or Kassandra in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.  Set t...[Read More]

10 Rappers We Want to See in a New Def Jam Game

Earlier this month, Def Jam Recordings stoked the flames of speculation when it tweeted about the possibility of a new Def Jam game. The fighting game series pits hip-hop celebrities and musicians against one another as they use the crowd and the environment to unleash epic beatdowns against their industry rivals. A new Def Jam game hasn’t been released in over a decade, and so many were excited a...[Read More]

The 15 Best No Man’s Sky Discoveries Since The NEXT Update

No Man’s Sky‘s latest update, NEXT, has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from players, even bumping up the game’s lifetime reviews on Steam from “Negative” to “Mixed”. The single biggest change to the game was undoubtedly the additional of full multiplayer, though there were also countless tweaks to other aspects of the game, including its procedural generation. Thanks to the new...[Read More]

20 Things We Learned from Red Dead Redemption 2’s Gameplay Trailer

After teasing earlier this week that an official gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 was on the way, Rockstar Games has now released the footage in order to give players a better idea of how the title will play when it launches later this year. Thankfully, the developer provided potential players with a little more than six minutes of actual in-game 4K footage, with the video offering a wea...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Adds King K Rool as Fighter

After teasing the EVO 2018 crowd with a  Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct a few days later, Nintendo made good on its promise and delivered a ton of new details and information in a short time period. The Nintendo Direct showed off a staggering amount of content from new fighters and gameplay, to some really impressive details and features. For many longtime fans, Nintendo left one big surprise fo...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Shows Off Upcoming Combat Changes in Crucible

One of the biggest complaints about the Crucible in Destiny 2 is that the time-to-kill against other players is too long, especially compared to what it was in Destiny. Today, Bungie hosted a live test-fire stream to showcase the lower TTK in Crucible, which featured several sandbox changes that Destiny 2 fans have been asking for. Currently, Crucible in Destiny 2 is plagued with slow TTK and team...[Read More]

Samsung Offering 15,000 Fortnite V-Bucks with Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Order

Despite the fact that only 12% of Android devices will run the popular battle royale game smoothly, Fortnite‘s release on Android mobile devices is highly desired by fans, even knowing that the game is targeting high-end Samsung devices. Now, according to a recent datamine, there will be a promotion for one of these mobiles, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. By digging into the website’s code and ...[Read More]

The 10 Most Disturbing Moments in the Pokemon Manga

When it comes to the Pokemon franchise, people are likely most familiar with the video games and anime. However, there is also a long-running manga series called Pokemon Adventures that loosely adapts the stories of the games, following a variety of protagonists on their adventures in the world of Pokemon. Since Pokemon Adventures is based on a children’s video game series, one would imagine that ...[Read More]

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