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No Man’s Sky Dev’s The Last Campfire Debuts at The Game Awards

report this ad Hello Games has had a very busy year, releasing frequent patches and large content updates for its 2016 game No Man’s Sky. Now, the developers have taken The Game Awards as an opportunity to share an announcement trailer for a new project, The Last Campfire. The Last Campfire is a puzzle adventure game where players will assume the role of a lost Ember who is “searching for meaning ...[Read More]

Dragon Age 4 Teased at the Game Awards 2018

report this ad Without a doubt, when BioWare general manager Casey Hudson revealed news concerning the next installment in the Dragon Age franchise was coming soon, fans of the fantasy role-playing series turned eagle eye toward the Game Awards 2018. Now, fans have had their first glimpse at the next entry, which includes a voiceover by the fan-favorite companion and betrayer of the Inquisition, S...[Read More]

Dead by Daylight Details Chapter 10 Content

report this ad There’s no doubt that plenty of horror game fans have stuck with Dead by Daylight since its official launch back in 2016, as Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have kept the title flush with content well after its release. Now, the publisher and developer are set to provide even more for players to do by revealing a brand new trailer for Chapter 10 of the asymmetrical mult...[Read More]

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Confirmed At The Game Awards

report this ad Mario Kart hasn’t always been the only kart racing game on the block, and it appears it’ll have a rival once again, as a remastered version of Crash Team Racing has finally been officially unveiled. The remaster was announced by none other than the orange bandicoot himself at The Game Awards and appears to have received the same total-overhaul treatment as the N. Sane Trilogy. The a...[Read More]

The Outer Worlds Revealed at Game Awards 2018

report this ad During the Game Awards 2018, Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian revealed to the world its latest IP. Following the reveal of its teaser, many believed this new game could potentially be a BioShock Spinoff. This was due to the unique, BioShock-like design that accompanied the teaser, with companies titled Spacer’s Choice and Auntie Cleo’s giving off a retro-like vibe. Now, we know...[Read More]

New Anthem Trailer, Story Details Revealed at Game Awards 2018

report this ad Anthem is BioWare’s first new IP in 10 years, and at the Game Awards 2018, players got a new glimpse at the upcoming online multiplayer action RPG. This newly launched trailer gives players a glimpse at everything from crew members and factions to story details and enemies. As a freelancer, Anthem players will have access to a crew composed of Haluk, Faye, and Owen. Like the PC, Hal...[Read More]

Far Cry New Dawn Announced With Trailer

The latest entrant to the Far Cry franchise was announced tonight at The Game Awards, and it’s blowing up more than just headlines. Far Cry New Dawn will take place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, which ended with a global nuclear catastrophe. After a long period of nuclear winter and eventual regrowth, survivors once again inhabit Hope County. Unfortunately for them, a ruthless gang led b...[Read More]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Revealed for Nintendo Switch

report this ad The Game Awards 2018 promised surprise world premieres, and it lived up to that promise right off the bat. At The Game Awards, Marvel Entertainment revealed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a Nintendo Switch exclusive and the first original entry in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series in a decade. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, players can take control of a variety of Ma...[Read More]

Journey to the Savage Planet Revealed During Game Awards

report this ad Kicking off The Game Awards 2018 comes an announcement from a young studio started by the director of Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed 3. Introducing Journey to the Savage Planet, a first-person adventure game filled with exploration and misadventure. Journey to the Savage Planet is planned for release across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, though players can sign up for the “Pioneer Program” ...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past Raid Teaser Released

report this ad It won’t be too much longer before Destiny 2 fans will be able to take on the science fiction shooter’s forthcoming raid, Scourge of the Past, with the content set to be included soon by way of the game’s Black Armory DLC. Now, Bungie has decided to give players a taste of the action to come by releasing an official teaser trailer for the endgame activity, which will invite Guardian...[Read More]

Below Gets Release Date, New Trailer

report this ad The long-awaited dungeon crawler from Capybara games, Below finally has locked in its launch date. In an official press release, the developers announced that the game will be hitting PC and will be console exclusive to the Xbox One on December 14. Below was first announced way back in 2013, but has had its release date delayed several times. Despite earning accolades every time Cap...[Read More]

Anthem Releases The Game Awards Teaser Trailer

report this ad Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming third-person MMO shooter, has joined a growing number of announcements and video premieres to be shown during The Game Awards 2018. Today, the developer released a very short teaser trailer confirming that the highly anticipated game would have something special in store for the show. At just nine seconds long, the Anthem trailer below is the very definiti...[Read More]

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