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New Fortnite Soaring 50s Mode Takes to the Skies

Patch 5.21 is out now for Fortnite, and it brings with it two limited time modes for fans to mix things up in the free-to-play battle royale shooter. The first LTM added in the latest update is called Soaring 50’s, and as its name suggests, it’s a new take on the standard 50 vs 50 mode. The Soaring 50’s mode in Fortnite will allow players to deploy their gliders in the middle of matches when they ...[Read More]

PUBG Twitch Prime Jungle Crate Revealed

Twitch Prime and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have announced the third set of exclusive crates available only with Prime membership for the popular battle royale game. Available August 17, this crate has been dubbed the Jungle Crate and brings with it six cosmetic clothing options and two weapon skins, all of which should coincide nicely with the Sanhok map. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon...[Read More]

Fortnite Pump Shotguns Getting Buff to Equip Time

The pump shotgun in Fortnite has been a contentious subject since the title first launched its battle royale mode. From inconsistent damage to fast switching between multiple shotguns, there is the sense that Fortnite’s rise and fall as a competitive experience rests with how developer Epic Games handles the weapon. While Epic Games has already made numerous tweaks to pump shotguns it appears the ...[Read More]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One Test Server Adds Dynamic Weather

For months, Bluehole has tested new updates for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds using the game’s test server, starting with the addition of the Miramar desert map. Now the test server is live yet again, testing some new features before they are added to the main game. This iteration of the test server for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds doesn’t add a new...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Reclaims The Top of the US iOS App Store

That’s a lot of people trying to catch em all. Niantic and The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon GO has slowly been regaining popularity and steam over the last few months, after dropping off after the initial burst and insane cachet it saw worldwide following its launch two years ago. Now, all of that has come to a head with the game officially reclaiming the top spot in the App Store Charts in the Unite...[Read More]

Madden NFL 19 Had “Strong Opening Weekend”, Franchise Sells Over 130 Million

EA Sports’ long-running franchise has also had more than 73 million installs on mobiles. The latest iteration in Electronic Arts’ Madden franchise, namely Madden NFL 19, became available on August 10th. Given the success of the franchise in the past, it should perhaps come as no surprise to hear that it had a “strong opening weekend” according to the publisher. Perhaps an even bigger achievement i...[Read More]

Fortnite- New Video Shows How Much Better The Switch Version is Than the Android Version

The Android version looks almost a generation behind the Switch version. With Fortnite finally having launched for Android last week (albeit in a limited, roundabout way), the game is finally available on every major platform on the market. Three of those platforms are mobile- iOS, Android, and Nintendo’s Switch. We already know that the Switch version of the game manages to hold its own against t...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Could Add Quidditch and Dating

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, like some other mobile games, has an “insiders” program where select people get to test out features prior to launch or provide feedback directly to the development team. Reddit user calidrac is apparently one of those individuals, and they have posted a screenshot of a survey sent by Jam City that may reveal some features that are in the works for the game. The sur...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Removing Raid Boss This Week

Everything comes and goes, including Pokemon GO raid bosses, so those who have yet to catch the legendary Registeel may very well want to double down on their efforts. Although the legendary Steel-type creature is not a particularly difficult raid boss, here’s how to take the goliath down. Essentially, players will want to focus on Registeel’s weakness, which includes Fire-type Pokemon. The aforem...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Starts Shoot for the Stars Event

For months now, developer Jam City has been consistently adding limited-time in-game events for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players to complete in exchange for special rewards. The last event like this was called Fun in the Sun, but the latest is “Shoot for the Stars!” and it gives players a chance to unlock an exclusive animated outfit. The Shoot for the Stars event in Harry Potter: Hogwarts M...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adding Achievements?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery‘s update last Thursday was one of the more significant updates the game has received in Year 4. It added two new chapters worth of story content, a new side quest, and it also laid the foundation for some future content that will be making its way to the game, such as achievements. If players open Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery right now, click on the book icon in th...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Legends Won’t Release On PS4 If Sony Doesn’t Change Its Stance On Cross-Play

Bethesda has stated that they will not release the game on platforms that don’t support cross-play- and that this is non-negotiable. It was always Bethesda’s goal to get The Elder Scrolls Legends to as many platforms as possible. However, it looks like they don’t intend to release the game for a platform that does not support cross-platform play, which basically means they won’t release the game o...[Read More]

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