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Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Resident Evil 2 Ranked In Top 5 of Famitsu Charts

While Kingdom Hearts 3 reclaims the top spot yet again. In last week’s Famitsu’s charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming titles, Final Fantasy 7 Remake reclaimed its place at the top of the pile from fellow Square Enix RPG Kingdom Hearts 3. The two upcoming megatons have been trading places for a few weeks now, and that continues yet again. Kingdom Hearts 3 is back in first place this week...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Big Hero 6 Cast To Reprise Their Roles

The voices of Baymax, Hiro, and others will sounds familiar to those who’ve seen the film. Of the many Disney properties that will be receiving some love in Kingdom Hearts 3, one is Big Hero 6. Those who watched and loved the 2014 film will be glad to know that the actors who portrayed some of its main characters will be returning to voice them in the upcoming RPG as well, Square Enix have confirm...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Winnie the Pooh World Trailer Released

report this ad Today, during Microsoft’s XO18 event, fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 got a peak at a returning world via a new trailer. Arguably, the 100 Acre Wood is one of the best worlds in the franchise, and many are likely exciting by the reveal that players will, in fact, be returning to the storybook location. However, for those Kingdom Hearts 3 fans uninterested in this particular world, this Win...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Trailer Showcases Winnie The Pooh

The 100 Acre Wood and its mini-games return in Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix had its own presence at Microsoft’s X018 as a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was showcased. The next big Tetsuya Nomura-directed action RPG will be out in January 2019 but until then, we got a look at an old friend from previous games. If you haven’t noticed already, it’s Winnie the Pooh. Check out the trailer below. As...[Read More]

10 Best Kingdom Hearts Worlds (And the 5 Worst)

report this ad It’s been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts 2 launched on the PS2, and fans of the Disney/Final Fantasy crossover franchise will finally have the chance to see how Sora’s story ends when Kingdom Hearts 3 launches in January. Sora’s journey has taken him, Donald, Goofy, and an assortment of other protagonists to a wide range of colorful worlds, some representing Disney franchises an...[Read More]

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Extended Tangled World Trailer

report this ad Kingdom Hearts 3 is just a few months away from launch and Square Enix is increasingly willing to share more and more footage from the highly anticipated action RPG. Saturday saw the release of a new trailer as part of a gaming convention in Lucca, Italy that offers an extended look at Kingdom Hearts 3‘s Tangled World. The Tangled World, or more specifically the Kingdom of Corona, w...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Latest Trailer Focuses on Tangle’s Kingdom of Corona

We get to see some excellent bits of combat. Square Enix have showcased a number of Disney worlds that we’ll be visiting in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, from Toy Story and Frozen to Big Hero 6 and Pirates of the Caribbean. Another one of the worlds that we’ve known for some time will be featured in the game is the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, and in a newly released trailer, Square Enix have ...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ranks Revealed In Latest Famitsu Charts

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake continue their tug of war. Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s firm and long-running hold on the top spot of Famitsu’s weekly charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games has wavered a bit in the last few weeks. Kingdom Hearts 3 took first place a couple weeks back, and though Final Fantasy 7 Remake reclaimed its spot soon, the two have switched positions ...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked In Latest Famitsu Charts

Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sees a slight drop in rankings. Famitsu has released its latest weekly charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games, as decided by votes from their readers, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake is leading the pack once again, after taking back the top spot last week. Fellow Square Enix RPG Kingdom Hearts 3 also retains its position in second place. Super Smash ...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 – New Screenshots Showcase Olympus, Hades and Hercules

Square-Enix’s first major release for 2019 is arguably more hyped than 2016’s Final Fantasy 15. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out in January 2019 and will bring an end to the war between Light and Darkness. Sora, Mickey and Donald will be gathering the seven Guardians of Light to face Organization XIII. However, the game’s focus on Disney crossovers is still very much intact. Along wi...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Reveals Hercules World

report this ad After the massive amount of new information revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3 at the Tokyo Game Show last month, including the first footage of the long-awaited Big Hero 6, news about the Square Enix/Disney crossover RPG has slowed to a crawl. Fans hungry for some new details, however, can enjoy some quite recent leaks from the next issue of V-Jump Magazine. Twitter user YonkouProductio...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ranked In Newest Famitsu Charts

The ongoing back and forth between Square Enix’s upcoming behemoth continues. In last week’s Famitsu charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games, as decided by votes from their readers, Kingdom Hearts 3 moved to the top of the list, displacing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which has been at peak position almost constantly. This week, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is back at number 1, with Kingdom Hea...[Read More]

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