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Master Chief is Getting A New Look in Halo Infinite

report this ad It has already been hinted that Halo Infinite, the next game in the long-running sci-fi shooter series, will offer a different voice for Master Chief. However, this may not be the only surprising change that Halo Infinite has in store for fans of the Halo protagonist. In the latest 343 Social Stream, the developer got together to discuss how Halo Infinite‘s jaw-dropping E3 2018 reve...[Read More]

Next Xbox Dev Kit Reportedly Called “Anaconda”

Welcome to the jungle? That Microsoft is working on the next-generation is no secret. Even though we would have figured that ourselves anyway, based purely on the fact that we’re five years into the current generation, Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself confirmed as much at E3 2018. Since then, we’ve also heard reports that the next Xbox is tentatively being called Xbox Scarlett, while other reports h...[Read More]

Ashen Developer Says the Xbox One X Was “Incredibly Easy” To Develop For

“We had the game running on the hardware the first week we received it,” says developer A44. A44’s beautiful Soulslike RPG Ashen is out now for Xbox One and PC, and among the several things that the game is being praised for is its bold visual aesthetic and beautiful art design. As is the case with most titles these days, Ashen also features enhancements for the Xbox One X in the form of 4K resolu...[Read More]

Game Pass Is A Great Value Proposition For Indie Devs, Says Microsoft Exec

“It’s actually turning out to be a really interesting discovery tool for a lot of developers to have their game in Game Pass,” says Chris Charla. Game Pass is one of the best ideas to have come out of Microsoft in years. For a very reasonable subscription price, players get access to a vast and ever-growing library of games– and though that’s something that obviously is very valuable for consumers...[Read More]

PS4 Sells 1 Million Units In 2018 In UK, Switch LTD Sales At 1.4 Million, Xbox One At Under 5 Million

This takes the PS4’s lifetime sales in the UK to well over 6 million. UK is a region where Nintendo has relatively had a weaker presence, especially compared to the strong sales they generally enjoy in the US and in Japan. The Switch factor, however, is a powerful tool, and the system has been performing better in the region than Nintendo systems usually do. Just recently, Christopher Dring, edito...[Read More]

PS4 Passes Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales

report this ad About a year ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment remained optimistic that the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man and other console exclusives like it could help push the PS4 to sales surpassing 100 million units during its life cycle. While the latest iteration of the PlayStation has yet to reach such a feat just yet, it has surpassed the milestone of beating out the lifetime sales of M...[Read More]

Microsoft Exec: I Never Thought I Would See PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo On the Same Stage

Aaron Greenberg lauds The Game Awards for bringing the heads of all three companies together on the same stage. The Game Awards ceremony this year was very well put together- it was well rehearsed, it was well paced, and it had some really good reveals and announcements. One of the highlights of the show came near the very beginning of the show, when Shawn Layden (head of PlayStation), Reggie Fils...[Read More]

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Thinks 2019 Will Be An Even Better Year For Xbox

Phil Spencer promises an even better 12 months for Xbox fans than 2018 proved to be. Suffice it to say, 2018 actually went by reasonably okay for Microsoft. While 2017 mostly saw Xbox at its nadir as a console brand right until the end of the year, when the Xbox One X launched and revitalized the console family, this year benefitted from the strong momentum the Xbox One X gave the brand, as well a...[Read More]

Xbox Game Pass December 2018 Additions Include Mortal Kombat X

report this ad Xbox‘s Game Pass subscription continues to rapidly grow, with December 2018 bringing about a new wave of exciting titles free for subscribers to download and play. Yesterday during The Game Awards 2018, Xbox‘s Phil Spencer announced the holiday season’s lineup for Winter of Arcade, an annual barrage of indie game releases.  Several of those games were confirmed as Game Pass releases...[Read More]

Xbox Details Winter of Arcade Indie Game Lineup

report this ad One announcement at The Game Awards 2018 was made rather nonchalantly, slipped in between larger announcements and made into a casual conversation with Xbox’s Phil Spencer. The Xbox head revealed that Winter of Arcade, the annual holiday period where several major indie games are released on Xbox, is returning. 2018’s Winter of Arcade is looking to be one worth remembering, made all...[Read More]

Xbox Not Interested In Acquiring Studios Like Electronic Arts

report this ad While Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference this year impressed with a solid balance of third-party premieres and new announcements for services such as Game Pass, the company’s outlook on the future of first-party titles might be its most impressive feat in recent memory. By acquiring the likes of Undead Labs (State of Decay 2), Ninja Theory (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice), and most recen...[Read More]

Xbox Scarlett Will Have Zen 2 and Next Gen AMD GPU – Rumor

Some reports on what Microsoft’s next gen Xbox strategy may be. We already know that Microsoft is at work on the next generation Xbox console, and that it is codenamed Scarlett, but we don’t know quite much more about it. However, a new report by Brad Sams, of, and with an established history of breaking the news on several things Microsoft and Xbox before they happened, the new consol...[Read More]

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