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Crackdown 3 Can Be Played at X018’s Xbox FanFest

Microsoft’s upcoming exclusive will be playable for the first time since 2017. News on Sumo Digital’s Crackdown 3 has been sporadic. While the action adventure title is still set to release in February 2019 following numerous delays, there hasn’t been a ton of information or gameplay footage since E3 2018. That will probably change when Microsoft’s X018 event rolls around on November 10th to 11th....[Read More]

Left for Dead, Left for Dead 2, Portal, and The Orange Box are Now Xbox One X Enhanced

Some beloved Valve games now better than they ever have been on consoles. Microsoft’s initiative to enhance older, backward compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games for Xbox One X has sort of been laying low recently, with no new game having been announced for inclusion for a while. However, today, Microsoft announced a whole bunch of new, beloved games to be added to the list. These games are all Valve...[Read More]

Platinum Xbox One X Is Taco Bell’s Newest Giveaway Prize

report this ad There’s a new limited-edition Xbox One X coming very soon, but it won’t be found at GameStop, Best Buy, or any other retail store. Instead, the eye-catching platinum-colored Xbox One X will be a Taco Bell-exclusive, available only to those who win Taco Bell’s latest giveaway. Starting tomorrow, anyone who orders a $5 Double Chalupa Box before November 22 will be entered to win an ex...[Read More]

Boundless Dev On PS5 and Xbox Scarlett – Expect An Evolution of Architecture, Not A Revolution

“We’re expecting an evolution of the architecture rather than a revolution,” says the CEO of Wonderstruck. Up until a few years ago, the general expectations from the onset of a new generation of consoles were quite high. Next gen consoles usually brought about radically different technologies and architectures that set them completely apart from anything else that had come before, either in terms...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Secretive Game Team Hires Rockstar Game Dev

report this ad At E3 2018, Microsoft made a splash when it announced that it is now the parent company of five new developers. In addition to existing development teams, it also included a brand new studio called The Initiative, which has set up shop in Santa Monica, CA. and is currently hard at work on an unknown project. While it’s not yet known what The Initiative is working on, the new Microso...[Read More]

Microsoft’s New Studio The Initiative Hires Former Rockstar Dev

Tom Shepherd, who worked at Rockstar San Diego for eleven years, has joined one of Microsoft’s newest first party studios. At E3 2018, Microsoft announced that they’d added five new studios to their first party lineup. Two of them were notable because of how huge they were, those being Playground Games and Ninja Theory, but one of them, called The Initiative, was perhaps just as notable because it...[Read More]

X018 Will Have Special Guests and Annoucnements, Says Microsoft

But what specifically could they be referring to? Microsoft has announced the return of X0 this year, which is all kinds of awesome, but little is known about what to actually expect from the event. Of course, we can expect a look at some of Microsoft’s previously announced games (excluding Halo: Infinite), and maybe some third party games as well. We may see some new projects that their newly acq...[Read More]

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Free on Steam This Weekend

Halo Wars 2 will be free to play on Xbox One during the same period. If you’re not big on Halo’s first person shooter offerings, then the Halo Wars series has some pretty good deals happening this weekend. On October 18th till October 21st, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will be free to play on Steam. Currently priced at $19.99, this version features all of the DLC, improved visuals and some new ac...[Read More]

Gears 5 Will Show off What We Really Want To Do – The Coalition

After having proven themselves with Gears of War 4, The Coalition now wants to show what it’s really about with the upcoming sequel. Gears of War 4 was a solid game, there’s no doubt about it, but the issue that people cited with it most often was that it stuck too closely to the formula of the franchise, and didn’t really try anything new. In spite of the series having been handed over by Epic Ga...[Read More]

Fortnite On Xbox One No Longer Allowing XIM Keyboard and Mouse Support

If you’ve been using XIM’s input adapters to play Fortnite on Xbox One with keyboard and mouse controls, there’s bad news for you- although it’s probably for the best. If you’ve been using XIM’s input adapters, Fortnite on the Xbox One will be displaying “blocked” messages. Why’s that for the best, then? Well, because XIM’s input adapters...[Read More]

Xbox One’s New Update Available Now, Adds New Avatars

Microsoft has been testing their new take on avatars for Xbox users for a while now. Now, at last, they are available for everyone. The brand new system update for Xbox One, which is available to download right now, adds brand new avatars to the system. They aren’t the only new addition, either—you now have the ability to navigate the Xbox One using Cortana and Alexa enabled devices, thanks to Mic...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 4 Had 2 Million Players in its First Week

Microsoft and Playground Games’ fantastic Forza Horizon 4, the newest entry in their arcade and sim racing fusion franchise, has apparently been a runaway success. Microsoft announced today that the game saw 2 million players in its first week. While player numbers are never directly corresponding to sales numbers, that’s really impressive performance no matter how you slice it. Microsoft also poi...[Read More]

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