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Monster Hunter World PC Receives Lunastra on November 22nd

The Elder Dragon arrives next week with new armour sets, weapons and more for PC players. Capcom’s fourth major title update for Monster Hunter World on PC will finally bring Lunastra to the platform. The Elder Dragon and mate to Teostra has been available since May 31st for console users. This will be the first time PC players can take her on. After completing the game and hitting Hunter Rank 16,...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Upgrades Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Armor

report this ad Whilst fans of Capcom’s creature-killing action-RPG series are expressing their disdain for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, the same can’t be said for Monster Hunter World, which is continuing to receive new events and content even almost a year after its January release. The latest change to the game has gone live this week and ties in with another popular title all about huntin...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World is The First Capcom Title to Ship Over 10 Million Units

Capcom reported profits thanks to the game’s PC release in August. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World was already a stellar success when it was available for consoles. However, thanks to the PC release in August, the title has gone on to ship over 10 million units according to the company’s recent earnings report. Though Capcom already confirmed the 10 million figure in August, it recently revealed tha...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World’s Kulve Taroth Arrives on November 2nd for PC

The Elder Dragon and her Siege quest will make their debut on PC finally. Several months after console users have farmed it mercilessly, Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth will be coming to Monster Hunter World users on PC. Capcom has announced that the Siege quest will be available on November 2nd at 12 AM UTC. It will come to a close on November 15th at 11:59 PM UTC. The Elder Dragon will be preceded by ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Overlay Mod’s Latest Update Fixes Performance Issues

Previous issues where the game froze while using the mod should no longer be a problem. One of the biggest perks of having Monster Hunter World on PC, barring the technical upgrades, is the fact that it gets to thrive in the modding community. There’ve been a few interesting Monster Hunter World mods on PC so far- one of them is the Damage/DPS/HP/Buff Monster Hunter World Overlay mod, created by “...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Update 5.11 Fixes Bugs And Not Much Else

Giant ass monsters being taken down by bugs. In Monster Hunter World, you take on massive, gargantuan behemoths, beasts of fury that represent nature at its fiercest, and you take on them with nothing but your wits, your skill, and your quick thinking. And yet, a game about literal dinosaur sized creatures has fallen prey to some… bugs. Not the organic kind, though that would be super funny (and k...[Read More]

Capcom Wants to Release New Games from its Core IP Annually

  Capcom’s resurgence this generation has been amazing. The company has managed to revitalize some of its beloved IP, such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, achieve its biggest successes ever as a result, and seems to be regaining a lot of favor and goodwill with fans. And going forward, Capcom intends to continue along that path. Speaking in its annual report, Capcom noted that it wants t...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World’s Weirdest Arch-Tempered Monster Arrives on October 18th

Arch-Tempered Lunastra has been the latest challenge for Monster Hunter World players on console (while PC players get to experience the Autumn Harvest Fest). What’s next though? Why, Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros, of course. The beast will be available to fight on October 18th. Beating him will grant tickets to forge Zorah Gamma armour and Origin layered armour. Why is Zorah Magdaros the ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Gets Massive Update on PC Adding QOL Fixes, New Content, and More

Capcom have been updating Monster Hunter World on PC with a steady stream of post launch updates adding all sorts of fixes to a game that launched in a rather shoddy state at release. The newest update for the game is now out, and it is absolutely massive. The update brings the version number of the game to 154766. That’s absolutely meaningless to you, so let’s not dwell on that. Instead, let’s sp...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Update Brings Autumn Harvest Fest, Free Character Edit Voucher

Capcom’s second major PC update for Monster Hunter World has gone live. It brings the Autumn Harvest Fest to the platform, making this perhaps the first seasonal event for the PC version since it launched. Along with new quests like Up at the Crack of Dawn and Every Hunter’s Dream (which grants the Wyvern Ignition Impact Greatsword upon completing it enough times), Vespoid Infestation ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Receives Arch-Tempered Lunastra in October

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World didn’t have a huge presence at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which is kind of disappointing considering the similarly muted showing at E3 2018 and Gamescom. Nevertheless, the developer did confirm two new Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons – Lunastra and Zorah Magdaros. Yes, Zorah Magdaros, the Elder Dragon that was more of a platforming and turret sho...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Version Gets Mod To Let You Create Custom Quests

Monster Hunter World on PC is continuing to see improvements not just thanks to official support from Capcom, but also the modding community, who are extending its life far beyond anything Capcom could have imagined. For instance, take this—a new mod out for the game lets you create custom quests. It’s obviously a bit technical, but to budding game designers, it can be fun setting up their own que...[Read More]

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