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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trailer Revealed by Niantic

report this ad More than a year ago, Pokemon GO developer Niantic announced that it is working on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game was described as a sort of magical version of Pokemon GO as players would be able to explore their neighborhoods, learn spells and team up with other players to take down powerful enemies. While many were excited about the concept, Niantic had yet to show off the ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO to Add New Gen 4 Evolutions Soon

report this ad Now that Niantic’s mobile ARG Pokemon GO has added some gen 4 Pokemon, several diehard fans are likely ready for the next step in evolution. In fact, some popular Pokemon such as Electabuzz, Magmar, and Rhydon all get new evolutions in the Sinnoh region, which will all seemingly evolve via the recently discovered Sinnoh Stone. Despite that discovery, we still had no clue as to when ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Updated 7km Egg Chart

report this ad Pokemon GO players are hatching eggs a lot faster now that Adventure Sync is live and players are excited to see what rare hatches they can obtain in the coming days. Although 10km eggs are usually the most exciting, the 7km eggs also have a very strong rotation. 7km eggs are obtained in Pokemon GO by opening gifts from friends. The eggs originally only contained Alolan variants, bu...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Made $73 Million in October

The game continues growing in popularity. Pokemon GO’s incredible resurgence continues unabated. Even as the weather cools, the game seems to show no signs of stopping. Halloween events, as well as the introduction of Gen 4 Pokemon, appear to have buoyed Pokemon GO to an extremely impressive gross of $73 million in the month of October, analysis firm Sensor Tower reports. This is up 67 per cent ye...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: What is the Sinnoh Stone?

report this ad With creatures from generation 4 finally arriving in the mobile ARG Pokemon GO, many are wondering how will Niantic will handle the cross-generation evolutions. For the uninitiated, a number of Pocket Monsters from previous generations get a new evolution in Sinnoh such as Rhydon into Rhypherior, Magmar into Magmortar, and Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon. With this being the case, if...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Adds New Gen 4 Pokemon and Stardust Blast Event

report this ad Niantic has recently launched a new in-game event in Pokemon GO called Stardust Blast. The new event offers tons of surprises and opportunities for a limited time as it introduced two new creatures in the game from Gen 4. The first Pokemon to be added with the Stardust Blast Event is Buiziel, which is a water-type Pokemon that resembles a mix between a weasel and sea otter. Although...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Cyndaquil 100 Percent IV Guide

Pokemon GO’s next Community Day event is still a few days away, but it’s never too early for players to start preparing their inventory and strategy for the Cyndaquil-themed event. As most Pokemon GO players know, Cyndaquil’s evolutions aren’t super strong in the metagame, but the upcoming exclusive move will help out with that. For players looking to collect the perfect Cyndaquil evolution during...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: How To Prepare For November Community Day

report this ad Pokemon GO’s November Community Day is just a few short days away, which means players have Cyndaquil and its evolutions on the brain. This weekend Pokemon GO players will have three hours to catch as many of the Gen 2 creature as possible and expand their collection with shiny spawns, evolutions, and hopefully a few more surprises. The basic idea of Community Day is pretty simple: ...[Read More]

Pokemon Eevee Tamagotchi Leaks

report this ad The coming year is going to be a big one for Pokemon’s Eevee. The popular character may not be a household name around the world in the same way that Pikachu is, but after Let’s Go releases, that could change very quickly. If a new leak is to be believed, it seems like the Tamagotchi brand may already be preparing to cash in on the upcoming Eevee craze. In case you’re too young to r...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Cyndaquil Community Day Exclusive Move Confirmed

report this ad Pokemon GO’s next Community Day event is just around the corner, which means the final details about Cyndaquil day are finally arriving. Players will be out hunting down shiny spawns during the big day and ensuring that they collect enough candy to evolve the Fire-type and earn the event’s exclusive move. As predicted by most players in the community, Pokemon GO’s November Community...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Shiny Ponyta And Cubone Live

Pokemon GO players got a nice surprise this afternoon when Niantic introduced a few new shiny models into the game. The Halloween festivities may have officially come to a close, but now players have some exciting new rare spawns to track down. Players around the world have taken to Reddit with screenshots to confirm that both shiny Cubone and shiny Ponyta appear to be live in the wild. In additio...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: How to Get Gengar with Lick and Psychic Today

report this ad Pokemon GO is celebrating its first ever Gengar Day today, and that means trainers around the world have a limited time to catch the first ever in-app appearance by Shiny Gengar. The festivities officially began at 11:00AM PT, so Pokemon GO trainers looking to join the festivities should try to do so immediately. All Gengars caught today (in raids and evolved) will know the attack P...[Read More]

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