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Super Mario Bros. 3 Running on Switch Shown Off By Nintendo

It looks exactly like you might expect it to look. While the Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch remains a pipedream for now, Nintendo fans will still at the very least be able to play classic NES games for absolutely free as part of the perks of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. These games will also be modified to be online enabled, which at least, is nifty. The headline game for the first b...[Read More]

Amazon UK Lists Multiple Unannounced Nintendo Switch Titles, Including Two Pokemon Games

Oh boy, time to reset the clock… The Nintendo Direct held in January this year was leaked by multiple retailer listings on Amazon and GameStop that indicated that many unannounced Nintendo Switch games were going to get the wraps taken off of them soon. And… that has happened again. Amazon UK has apparently gone ahead and listed up to 30 unannounced Nintendo Switch games. Here we go again, then. T...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets New Video Highlighting Graphical Improvements in Stages Over Wii U Version

That’s a more substantial facelift than I thought it would be… The Switch isn’t that much more powerful than the Wii U- but you wouldn’t know that by just how much of a facelift the stages in the game have gotten compared to the superlative Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which launched on Nintendo’s troubled console four years ago, and served as a base for this new game. YouTube channel GameXplain h...[Read More]

Smash Bros. Fans Crafting Theory About Dying Characters

Ever since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown during Nintendo’s showcase at E3 2018, several of the newcomers being added to the forthcoming fighting game have been taking out characters left and right in various CG trailers. For instance, Metroid villain Ridley nixed both Mario and Mega Man, Castlevania‘s Death separated Luigi from his spirit, and King K. Rool knocked King DeDeDe out cold after...[Read More]

Sega Developer and Yakuza Creator Wanted to Impress Nintendo After Sega Stopped Making Consoles

As a result, they made the best game the genre has ever seen. While Toshihiro Nagoshi is best known for the fantastic Yakuza games these days, before he did Yakuza, he worked with Nintendo on F-Zero GX, the Gamecube version of Nintendo’s futuristic racing franchise that is cited by many to be the best example of the genre to this day (Wipeout who?). This was a collaboration between Sega and Ninten...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Reclaims The Top of the US iOS App Store

That’s a lot of people trying to catch em all. Niantic and The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon GO has slowly been regaining popularity and steam over the last few months, after dropping off after the initial burst and insane cachet it saw worldwide following its launch two years ago. Now, all of that has come to a head with the game officially reclaiming the top spot in the App Store Charts in the Unite...[Read More]

Yakuza Was Rejected By Nintendo And Microsoft At First, Series Producer Reveals

Yakuza’s Executive Director Toshihiro Nagoshi reveals- among other things- how the games were made to appeal to the Japanese male audience. While the Yakuza series has been mostly associated with the PlayStation up until now, it looks like the games may also make their way onto other platforms. Yakuza 0 did recently release for the PC after all, with a Yakuza Kiwami launch and – possibly – a Yakuz...[Read More]

Nintendo and Microsoft Passed on Yakuza

Sega’s Yakuza franchise first debuted on the PlayStation 2, and has since gone on to become one of the company’s most consistently well-received IPs, spawning a number of sequels, spinoffs, and remakes. For most of its life, Yakuza has been synonymous with the PlayStation brand, and in fact, the recently released Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is a PS4 exclusive, but as it turns out, the franchise’s h...[Read More]

Nintendo Crosses 700 Million Units of Hardware Sold, 300 Million of Those Are Consoles

No other company in the history of the gaming industry has accomplished this. Much like Sony, who recently intimated that they have crossed 500 million units of hardware sold, it seems like Nintendo have hit their own milestone quietly. Gamnesia is reporting that per Nintendo’s last financial report, the company hit 727.67 million units of hardware sold, ever- of which 300.11 million were home con...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Removing Raid Boss This Week

Everything comes and goes, including Pokemon GO raid bosses, so those who have yet to catch the legendary Registeel may very well want to double down on their efforts. Although the legendary Steel-type creature is not a particularly difficult raid boss, here’s how to take the goliath down. Essentially, players will want to focus on Registeel’s weakness, which includes Fire-type Pokemon. The aforem...[Read More]

Nintendo Fan Turns Switch Joycons into Gamecube Theme

The Gamecube controller is the one design fans have yet to abandon completely. It has been popping back up in some form with every Nintendo console, and the Switch is no exception. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon, new Gamecube controllers are already set to release in time for the title, both from accessory manufacturer HORI and Nintendo itself. In the spirit of reviving the popular...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Eevee Day Exclusive Move is Disappointing

Pokemon GO‘s Eevee Community Day begins later today and will reoccur again tomorrow, and while that’s pretty exciting news, its exclusive move, Last Resort, actually isn’t exciting for meta-focused players. When it was first revealed alongside other bonuses for the event, it led to a lot of speculation that the move would turn a number of the Eeveelutions into neutral attacks/ generalists, thereby...[Read More]

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