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Overwatch Update Adds New Hero Ashe

report this ad One of the highlights of Blizzcon 2018 was the reveal of the new Damage hero Ashe in Overwatch. Ashe was added to the PTR not long after her announcement, and now she is available in the hero-based shooter across all platforms as of the game’s latest update. The latest update for Overwatch is available to download now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it’s headlined by Ashe’s introducti...[Read More]

Overwatch’s New Hero Ashe is Now Available

Buffs for Mercy, Reaper, Symmetra and Roadhog are also live. Following the closure of the patch 1.30 PTR, Overwatch’s latest hero Ashe is now available on live servers for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. As the leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe functions as a damage dealer with options for rapid firing from the hip or aiming down sights for more damage. She also brings B.O.B, an Omnic bodyguard that can pro...[Read More]

Overwatch Patch 1.30 PTR is Now Closed

Ashe is no longer accessible for PC players with the PTR build. If you didn’t get a chance to try out Ashe, the newest hero coming to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, then we’ve got sad news. Blizzard’s Dan Maas revealed on the official forums that the patch 1.30 Public Test has concluded. That means the PTR server on PC will be offline until Blizzard updates it with something new to test. The ...[Read More]

Next Overwatch Update Requires Full Game Reinstall

report this ad If there’s anything Blizzard should be known for, it’s their ability to support communities with established properties, laying a foundation on strong launches before offering expansions packed with content for years to come. It shows with titles such as World of Warcraft and Diablo, games that have been around for years now, yet still attract large audiences to make them both popul...[Read More]

Overwatch’s Next Major Patch Will Require Full Reinstall

Blizzard confirms that it will improve load times and optimize memory on “constrained systems”. The next patch for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is going to be a big one. Though the development team didn’t exactly say what would be in it, it’s going to be major enough to warrant a full reinstall for the current game. This was revealed on the official forums by Drakuloth in Customer Support. “...[Read More]

Blizzard to Make Mobile Games for All of its IPs

report this ad At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard Entertainment surprised fans and critics alike by announcing Diablo Immortal. Immortal, a mobile game, would bring the series’ RPG, loot-collecting action to smartphones and tablets. However, it seems that the newly announced title is just the start of Blizzard’s plans for mobile devices. In an interview that took place following the shock Diablo Immortal ...[Read More]

Overwatch’s Newest Hero Ashe is Live on PTR

PC players can try out the 29th hero before she’s available on live servers. Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch will be receiving a new hero in the future with Ashe, the Deadlock Gang leader and an old accomplice of McCree. Before that, players can try her on the Public Test Realm for PC – she’s just gone live. You can also preview her different skins including Epic and Legendary skins. In terms o...[Read More]

Overwatch Cross-Play “Would Be Very Exciting” to Pursue – Kaplan

Blizzard is “constantly in discussions” with first-parties like Sony and Microsoft. Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has a pretty strong player-base across consoles and PC. Given how other games like Fortnite: Battle Royale have taken steps to implement cross-play support, has Blizzard ever considered adding the same to its hero shooter? According to game director Jeff Kaplan, it’s definitely so...[Read More]

Overwatch’s Next Hero is Ashe, Leader of the Deadlock Gang

The outlaw utilizes a lever-action rifle and can summon B.O.B, her Omnic bodyguard, to fight. Blizzard Entertainment showcased a myriad of new characters in its recent cinematic short “Reunion” for Overwatch. To that end, the developer confirmed that the next playable hero would be Ashe, leader of the Deadlock Gang and McCree’s old ally. You can watch her gameplay trailer below along with a short ...[Read More]

Overwatch Cinematic Short “Reunion” Debuts McCree’s Gang

McCree meets the newest playable hero along with a mysterious entity. A new Overwatch cinematic debuted at the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony. It focused on McCree…or more specifically, his old gang, the Deadlock Rebels. Here, we meet their leader Ashe for the first time as she and her goons try to stop McCree from taking a valuable package. Cue the classic Clint Eastwood-style showdown. The cinem...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Announced At BlizzCon

report this ad Every year that BlizzCon rolls back around, Overwatch fans wait with anticipation for the announcement of the game’s next playable hero. One again, Blizzard did not disappoint, and introduces audiences to Ashe, the 29th character to join the roster. In true Blizzard fashion, Miss Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe premiered in an all-new cinematic trailer called “Reunion” that follows the sua...[Read More]

Overwatch World Cup Viewer is Now Live in Battle.net Launcher

Currently in beta, the feature allows for a more curated esports spectating experience. BlizzCon 2018 kicks off later today and as promised, Blizzard Entertainment has released the Overwatch World Cup Viewer. It can be accessed in the Battle.net launcher via the “Region” drop-down menu. Download it and you’ll have a wider range of spectating options when matches for the Overwatch World Cup go live...[Read More]

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