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Pokemon GO: Next Three Community Day Dates Revealed

Now that Pokemon GO’s two-day Eevee event is in the rear view mirror, it’s time for the mobile AR community to start looking ahead to what’s next for the game. Players who work on the weekends can now start requesting days off for the fall, because the Community Day dates for September through November are all public knowledge. Yesterday, Niantic revealed that September’s Community Day event will ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Chikorita Community Day Date Revealed

Pokemon GO’s Eevee-focused August Community Day weekend just wrapped up on Sunday (or Monday counting the evolution time), but it’s never too early to start planning for the next big event. Trainers who participate in September’s big event will have the chance to catch tons of Chikoritas and evolve the Gen 2 starter with a special move. The official announcement about September’s Community Day com...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Reclaims The Top of the US iOS App Store

That’s a lot of people trying to catch em all. Niantic and The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon GO has slowly been regaining popularity and steam over the last few months, after dropping off after the initial burst and insane cachet it saw worldwide following its launch two years ago. Now, all of that has come to a head with the game officially reclaiming the top spot in the App Store Charts in the Unite...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Regirock in Raids

Since Registeel is slated to leave the roster in a few days, Pokemon GO players may want to be preparing for the next Pokemon on rotation: Regirock. The third member of the legendary titan trio, Regirock will follow its predecessors, Regice and Registeel, as a legendary raid boss and may present a real challenge to many players. Thankfully, due to its addition to the game’s code, we already know h...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Removing Raid Boss This Week

Everything comes and goes, including Pokemon GO raid bosses, so those who have yet to catch the legendary Registeel may very well want to double down on their efforts. Although the legendary Steel-type creature is not a particularly difficult raid boss, here’s how to take the goliath down. Essentially, players will want to focus on Registeel’s weakness, which includes Fire-type Pokemon. The aforem...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: When And How To Evolve Your Shiny Eevee

Pokemon GO players around the world spent the last two days collecting thousands of Eevees during the Community Day weekend event. During that time, many players likely picked up a handful of shiny Eevees, as well. Deciding when and how to evolve those is a big decision right now for lots of trainers. Because Eevee’s evolution is random by default in Pokemon GO, players need to be careful if they ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Eevee Day Exclusive Move is Disappointing

Pokemon GO‘s Eevee Community Day begins later today and will reoccur again tomorrow, and while that’s pretty exciting news, its exclusive move, Last Resort, actually isn’t exciting for meta-focused players. When it was first revealed alongside other bonuses for the event, it led to a lot of speculation that the move would turn a number of the Eeveelutions into neutral attacks/ generalists, thereby...[Read More]

Elderly Man Uses 11 Devices To Play Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has been an interesting journey for millions of gamers. Just when it looks like it’s about to fiddle out, the mobile game makes an impressive resurgence back onto the scene, fueled by a dedicated fan base looking to fulfill their dreams of being true Pokémon trainers. Some are more dedicated than others, however, including one Taiwanese man who rigged his bike to play with 11 different ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Reveals Updated Shiny Eevee Sprites

Pokemon GO players are just two short days away from the first ever two-day Community Day weekend event. This month puts Eevee in the spotlight and the featured Pokemon will have a three hour window on both Saturday and Sunday, when players can catch tons of the normal-Type and hopefully even secure a handful of shiny spawns to evolve. The Eevee evolution is unique in that the Gen 1 creature can e...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: One Last Eevee Community Day Surprise

Pokemon GO players are just a few short days away from the August Community Day weekend event, so everyone has Eevee on the mind. Recently, it was confirmed that Eevee and its available evolutions could learn the exclusive move Last Resort during the events, but there’s another twist that has just been revealed. Unlike all prior Community Day events, this month players will have until 1pm PT on Mo...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: Players Could Lose Stored Rewards After Update

Pokemon GO Field Research offers tons of opportunities every day for trainers to earn encounter rewards for visiting Pokestops and completing various tasks. After completing the task, players are able to claim their encounter reward or choose to start the encounter later. Some trainers have stocked up an enormous backlog of encounters thanks to that feature, but a new update is going to change thi...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: How to Catch Every Alolan Pokemon

At the end of May, Pokemon GO added its very first Alolan Pokemon to the game in the form of Alolan Exeggutor. Since then, the rest of the Alolan variants of first-generation Pokemon have been added to the game, and some trainers may be wondering how to add them all to their collection. As it turns out, the same method won’t work for catching every Alolan Pokemon, and Niantic has changed how some ...[Read More]

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