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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – How to Study Magizoology

report this ad Last week, Jam City accidentally leaked the Magical Creatures Reserve, a new area for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players to explore. Since the Magical Creatures Reserve leak, Jam City has slowly rolled it out to players in an official capacity, introducing the area and the new features associated with it as part of a series of side quests from Hagrid. To visit the Magical Creatu...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Weird Sisters Quest Teases Dating and Romance Options

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery‘s most recent limited-time side quest, where the main character plays a concert with the Weird Sisters band, has some rather significant developments. During the quest, players acquire a black quill and read a letter written by none other than Mad-Eye Moody, and they also get some solid indication that dating and romance options are right around the corner for the ga...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Update Adds Weird Sisters Side Quest

report this ad The latest update for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery changes the loading screen to Hagrid and some magical creatures and adds a new limited-time side quest for players to complete. The new side quest is called “The Weird Sisters!” and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players have about three days to complete it and unlock an exclusive cosmetic item for their troubles. Hogwarts Mystery...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Who is Duncan Ashe?

report this ad It’s no secret that the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are occupied by more than just students, house elves, and professors. The castle is also haunted by a number of ghosts, including famous spirits like Moaning Myrtle, Nearly Headless Nick, and of course, Peeves the Poltergeist. In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, fans of the franchise are introduced to yet ano...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Leaks Magical Creatures Reserve Area

report this ad The most recent update for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery added the usual content that fans expect. Year 5 Chapter 7 was finally added, in addition to a new in-game event that lets players unlock a unique toad skin. For some players, the update also accidentally revealed a new area that will be coming as part of a different update in the future – a place called the Magical Creatures...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds New Toad Skin and Year 5 Chapter 7

report this ad Last week, developer Jam City added Year 5 Chapter 6 to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, in addition to a magical pet called a Kneazle. Now the developer has updated Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery yet again, adding a brand new story chapter as well as a new event that will give players the chance to unlock a purple toad skin. The purple toad skin event lasts about a week, and is simi...[Read More]

How Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s Microtransactions Are Predatory

report this ad Since its launch, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been widely criticized for the way it implements its microtransactions. Not content with selling cosmetic items to fans willing to spend some extra cash, the game is built entirely around a restrictive energy system that attempts to bore or frustrate players into purchasing additional energy with gems, which are typically bought w...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Reveals Werewolf’s Identity

report this ad A few weeks ago, developer Jam City released a sizable update for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that included a brand new loading screen for the game, featuring various characters facing off against a werewolf. There has been much speculation about who the werewolf is and while it’s possible it’s still someone else, it seems likely the loading screen werewolf’s identity has been re...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds Limited Time Halloween Side Quest

report this ad Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery‘s weekly update is available now, but it doesn’t add Year 5 Chapter 6 to the game. In lieu of new main story content, the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery update adds a limited-time Halloween side quest called The Halloween Feast (spelled Hallowe’en in-game) that will be available for a little over three days. The Halloween Feast side quest is broken up ...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Why the House Pride Event is Broken

Right now, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery fans are in the midst of the multiplayer-focused in-game event called House Pride. The goal of this event is to earn house points, and the team (or “house”) with the most house points at the end of the event will unlock a special pet spider to add to their collection. While this sounds like a good idea on paper, the event just doesn’t really work properly,...[Read More]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds Year 5 Chapter 5

report this ad Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery seems to be out of its content slump, as Jam City has consistently been adding new chapters to the game. Last week, it added both Year 5 Chapter 3 and Year 5 Chapter 4, and now it has added Year 5 Chapter 5, giving fans of the game six new story objectives to complete as well as two classes. Year 5 Chapter 5 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery continues ...[Read More]

Leaked Harry Potter Game Not Being Developed by Rocksteady – Report

Earlier today, the dream of many Harry Potter fans around the world, yours truly included, seemed to be finally nearing a reality. A leak of a full fledged AAA Harry Potter game, which included you being able to make your own character, attend Hogwarts, go to class, and hang out with other students, started making the rounds, which is literally everything that a Harry Potter fan would ever want fr...[Read More]

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