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Spider-Man Reveals Three New Suits for Turf Wars DLC

report this ad It won’t be too much longer until the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man officially releases its Turf Wars DLC, with the add-on set to drop in a little less than a week from today. Now, Insomniac Games has decided to give fans a look at the handful of new suits it plans on adding to the action-adventure title once the expansion arrives. As seen in the image below, Spider-Man is set ...[Read More]

Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Receives First Teaser, New Suits Revealed

New screenshots also give us a closer look at the three new suits. The City That Never Sleeps saga continues in Spider-Man’s next DLC Turf Wars. When the Maggia family and criminal Hammerhead engage in a turf war, it’s up to Spider-Man to set things right. Which really makes you wonder how Peter Parker gets any shut-eye with all the crime that’s been happening in Insomniac’s hit open world title. ...[Read More]

Until Dawn Dev Supermassive Is Working On “Several Unannounced PlayStation Exclusives”

There might be even more high profile projects underway at Supermassive. Developers of Until Dawn Supermassive Games announced at Gamescom this year that they’d be partnering with Bandai Namco to make The Dark Pictures, an anthology of horror titles, which, unlike the developer’s last few titles, wouldn’t be exclusives to the PS4. However, it seems like their days of making PlayStation exclusive t...[Read More]

PlayStation Reveals Black Friday 2018 PS4, PS VR Deals

report this ad Black Friday, North America’s major November sales event, is less than two weeks away, and PlayStation is ready to share its plans. Today, Sony unveiled its deals planned for this year with a selection of great discounts that will be made available for the entire week of of the 2018 holiday shopping event. Low prices on PlayStation products including a PS4 Spider-Man bundle, control...[Read More]

Sony Patents a Touch Screen PlayStation Controller

report this ad A patent was recently published for what looks like Sony’s next-generation PlayStation controller featuring a touchscreen component. This has sparked a wide amount of speculation that this this peripheral will release with the PS5. The patent revealed that the device was filed back in September of last year and was just released to the public last month. An extremely technical descr...[Read More]

Sony Files Patent For A Controller With A Touch Screen, Possibly for PS5

The DualShock 5 might be taking a page out of Nintendo’s book. A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the United States Patent Office on October 16 might be hinting at what the controller for the PS5 might look like. Based on how it’s described, it sounds a lot like the DualShock 4, except with one significant change- it might have a touch screen. The patent describes what sounds li...[Read More]

PlayStation Services Will Now Collect A 9% Amusement Tax In Chicago

The tax will also be levied on other services, including the likes of Netflix and Xbox Live. Sony has been sending out notifications to customers informing that that Chicago’s 9 per cent Amusement Tax will be levied on PlayStation services, in compliance with the city’s taxing changes, starting November 14. This will affect digital services on PlayStation and will be included in all PS Store trans...[Read More]

PlayStation Store Implements Chicago ‘Amusement Tax’ on Digital Purchases

report this ad Playing games on a PlayStation console while living in Chicago, Illinois is about to get more expensive — about 9% more expensive. Sony has revealed plans to begin charging an additional 9% in tax through the PlayStation Store as part of Chicago’s recently expanded Amusement Tax. The tax, which Sony has previously managed to avoid implementing, will go into effect starting November ...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic Uses Open Source Emulator

report this ad PlayStation fans were ecstatic when the PlayStation Classic was first announced, but some may be disappointed that the nostalgic console runs the games via an open source emulator, and not through the classic console itself. Like many PC players, this console uses the open source PCSX emulator to run its list of games. Now, it’s worth mentioning that other classic consoles such as t...[Read More]

Looks like PlayStation Classic is using an Open-Source Emulator

Sony’s retro mini console, the PlayStation Classic is launching next month, just in time for the Holiday season, and early previews offer brand-new details on what customers can expect. One fascinating tidbit that came from the preview event, is that we now know how the PS Classic plays PS1 games. Via non-Sony emulator software. Game journalists were invited by Sony to test – and report to their r...[Read More]

Spider-Man Update 1.10 Adds Turf Wars Support, Photo Mode Options, Customizable HUD, and More

Various bugs in last month’s The Heist have also been addressed. Insomniac have rolled out update 1.10 for Spider-Man, and as you might have expected, the most important thing it does is add support for the upcoming Turf Wars DLC. Naturally, this includes Trophies for the upcoming DLC as well. The update also makes a few other interesting and important additions. For starters, new frames and stick...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic Using Open Source Emulator, 50Hz Versions of Games in Europe

More and more, the whole package feels a bit slapdash. The PlayStation Classic has always seemed like a bit of a hasty attempt by Sony to try and cash in on the popularity of the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini. Which is fine, of course—the PlayStation brand has a history and a legacy that deserves to be celebrated, too. But the hastiness of the effort seems to have compromised it. The list...[Read More]

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