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Spider-Man Exhibits Extraordinary Legs in Japan in New Media Create Report

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the newest Media Create report on video game hardware and software sales in Japan for the previous week. On the hardware side, things slumped, with every system seeing lower sales than the previous week. The Switch was at the top, with 38,738 units sold, its lowest total in a while. PS4 came in second place with a little over 17,000 units, and 3DS with und...[Read More]

Spider-Man PS4 Receives Honest Game Trailer Treatment

The wildly popular Spider-Man PS4 game receives the honest trailer treatment, which is mostly positive and makes references to other Spider-Man games and movies.

Spider-Man PS4 Almost Didn’t Have Spider-Cop Banter

Spider-Man has been a huge success, both commercially and critically. One of the the great things about the game is just how full of personality it is, in every area of the experience, which includes the writing. Not all of Spider-Man’s quips and jokes land, but he’s portrayed faithfully, and a lot of his banter with a lot of characters is written surprisingly well. One example of that...[Read More]

Spider-Man’s Creative Director Explains Reasons For Including Mary Jane Gameplay Sections

It seems like it was always a part of the plan to have Mary Jane as a playable character in Spider-Man. In our review of the game, we noted that the gameplay sections involving Mary Jane were done pretty, but there have been a lot of people who didn’t like these sections one bit. It’s understandable that players didn’t like these sections, where the action suddenly slowed down, b...[Read More]

Spider-Man Originally Featured A Longer Storyline Related To Silver Sable

Spider-Man has been selling amazingly well, and it has even received great reviews all around. Its great cast of characters and the way it portrays them so faithfully has been one of its biggest strengths, but as it is with any other video game, it looks like the developers did a fair bit of editing to remove story bits that were making things needlessly complicated. One storyline in particular th...[Read More]

UK Sales: Spider-Man Still Reigns Despite Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Debut

Though sales dropped by 42 percent from its first week, Insomniac’s Spider-Man continues to sell incredibly well in the UK per the latest Gfk Chart-Track data. You’ll recall that the open world title based on the beloved Marvel property became the fastest selling title in the region when it debuted on September 7th for PS4. What’s interesting is how well Spider-Man is performing ...[Read More]

Spider-Man Sold Through Almost Entire Shipment in Japan

We already know that Spider-Man did something very rare for a western game, when it launched atop the software charts in the country’s weekly sales charts last week. With almost 130,000 copies sold, Spider-Man ended up selling more than 2.5 times the copies that God of War sold in the country earlier in the year. However, it could have sold more- if there had been more copies for it to sell. In a ...[Read More]

Spider-Man Sold More Than Two and a Half Times More Copies than God of War in Japan

Western games usually don’t do that well in Japan, which is one of the reasons that Sony’s first party titles have largely not found much traction or cachet in the island nation. There have been some exceptions to this—for example, Detroit: Become Human exhibited strong legs, and Uncharted 4 had a good debut there. But compared to Sony’s other big blockbuster game for the year, God of War, Spider-...[Read More]

Spider-Man Tops Software Charts in Japan, But Switch Rules The Hardware Roost

Much like in the UK, Spider-Man topped charts in Japan, selling 125,124 units in its launch week in the land of the rising sun, according to Media Create. It sold more than six times more than the game in second place, Konami’s Winning Eleven (known in the west as PES), which sold a little over 20,000 units. Elsewhere, Nintendo evergreens such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zeld...[Read More]

Spider-Man PS4 Might Not Have Existed Without Sony’s Involvement, Creative Director Says

Spider-Man on PS4 is making waves around the world, thanks to it being probably the best video game adaptation we have had for the world’s most popular superhero. However, the only reason the game exists at all is because of Sony’s involvement—short of that, it is entirely possible that the game would never have come out at all. Speaking to Kinda Funny Games, creative director on Spider-Man Brian ...[Read More]

Spider-Man Devs Are Currently Working On New Game Plus

Spider-Man is off to a great launch, and if you’ve been enjoying your time with the game, there’s more to be excited for regarding the game’s future. The developers have now confirmed that they are working on a New Game Plus mode, and hopefully, we’ll get to hear more about it soon. A person had inquired on Twitter whether a New Game Plus feature would be added to the game,...[Read More]

Spider-Man is Now the Fastest Selling Game of the Year in the UK

Analysts had already predicted some time ago that Spider-Man for the PS4 would be one of the best-selling games of the year, and it looks like they were right. The latest weekly sales charts in UK are out, courtesy of GFK Chart-Track, and Sony’s latest tops the list. What’s interesting is that, according to, Spider-Man is now the fastest selling game of the  year so far in the UK. In f...[Read More]

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