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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X Graphical Options Revealed

Full support for HDR and two modes for Xbox One X users have been confirmed. With Eidos Montreal’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider releasing in less than a month, we’ve been waiting for more information on the different modes and improvements that Xbox One X users will receive. Fortunately, Frédéric Robichaud, who is programming Director at Eidos-Montreal, revealed more information on the same recently....[Read More]

The Avengers Project Moving Forward At New Crystal Dynamics Studio

In early 2017, Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment announced that the companies would be working together to develop multiple Marvel-based titles over the new few years. Today, Square Enix showed its willingness to take things a step further by adding a brand new studio to bring those promises to life. The announcement of a new studio, named Crystal Northwest, comes by way of parent company Squar...[Read More]

Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary Are Now Playable on Xbox One Via Backward Compatibility

Experience her past before diving into her future. Microsoft’s fantastic backward compatibility initiative for the Xbox One, which makes Xbox 360 and original Xbox games playable on the newest console, often even with significant enhancements in terms of graphics and performance. Now, two more games have been added to the catalog- Tomb Raider Legend, and Tomb Raider Anniversary, two of the more re...[Read More]

Octopath Traveler English Survey Asks International Players For Their Experience With The Game

Share your thoughts on your journey with the developers. Octopath Traveler has been an incredible success worldwide, and a lot of that has to do not just with its great old school gameplay, but also how uniquely it is structured- it’s basically an omnibus, wit eight independent characters who follow their own stories around the world, each of which is a breath of fresh air for the genre. Now, a ne...[Read More]

Tomb Raider Developer Crystal Dynamics Opens New Studio in Seattle, Hires God of War System Designer

Crystal Dynamics gears up for its most ambitious project yet. It looks like Crystal Dynamics, the folks who bring us the Tomb Raider games (except for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is being worked on by Eidos Montreal) is expanding greatly. They have opened up a brand new studio in Seattle (Crystal Northwest), in the Bellevue, Washington area. The new studio is also being accompani...[Read More]

Fortnite and Octopath Traveler Top Nintendo eShop Download Charts for July

Hollow Knight and Breath of the Wild continue to do great as well. With July now behind us, Nintendo has released the list of the 30 most downloaded games on the Nintendo eShop on the Switch, via the console’s Newsfeed service. And to what will probably be the surprise of absolutely no one, Fortnite ended up topping the charts, holding its own against even Octopath Traveler, which came in second p...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, And Resident Evil 2 Ranked In Latest Famitsu Charts

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also charts high in the top 10. Last week, Resident Evil 2 broke into the top 15 of Famitsu’s weekly charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games (as decided by votes from their readers), and it’s now moved up in the rankings even more. The upcoming remake of the PS1 classic comes in at #9. Meanwhile, permanent fixtures Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts ...[Read More]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Developer Explains How It Is Different From Uncharted

Eidos Montreal discusses how their series is different from Naughty Dog’s similar globe trotting adventure saga. A lot of people have pointed out the similarities between the new Tomb Raider games and the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog. It’s actually an ironic twist, because the original Uncharted was also similarly compared to the older Tomb Raider franchise in a similar manner back when it firs...[Read More]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Will Have Separate Difficulty Settings for Different Aspects of Gameplay

Players can choose specific and separate difficulty settings for combat, exploration, and puzzles. Games are not always creative when it comes to presenting different difficulty settings, but it looks like Square Enix is going the extra mile with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with highly customizable difficulty options designed to make the game more accessible to all kinds of players. This new system...[Read More]

The Quiet Man – First Gameplay Footage Showcases Combat And Storytelling

Square Enix have kept their word and given us our first look at the game. The Quiet Man was announced back in June and Square Enix had promised then that we would be able to see more of the game in August. Well, it’s August, and they’ve kept their word, as they’ve shown plenty of gameplay footage for it via a livestream, which we’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The stream was held ear...[Read More]

The World Ends With You: Final Remix Will Cost $50 on Switch

Not quite as cheap as many would have expected it to be, I am sure. The World Ends With You is finally getting its Switch release in the form of Final Remix on October 12. That said, even though it’s a beloved game, it’s a very old game- the title first came out on Nintendo DS in 2006 in Japan, with a 2007 release in the rest of the world. Surely the fact that so much time has passed would mean th...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition- New Patch Allows You To Share Photographs, Create Avatars, And More

User treasures and limited time treasures have also been added. Square Enix have released the August update for the Windows version of Final Fantasy 15, and they’ve added several new features to the game. Most interesting among them has to be the addition of avatars, which essentially allows players to create custom avatars and play as it in the game’s main campaign. Another new addition is the ab...[Read More]

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