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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Currently Discounted by 34 Percent on Steam

The Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition have also been discounted. A little over a month since its release, Eidos Montreal’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been discounted for PC on Steam. The base game sees a 34 percent discount while the Season Pass – which contains new Challenge Tombs – has also been discounted by 34 percent. Also the Digital Deluxe Edition has been discounted by 36 percent. ...[Read More]

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Free on Steam This Weekend

Halo Wars 2 will be free to play on Xbox One during the same period. If you’re not big on Halo’s first person shooter offerings, then the Halo Wars series has some pretty good deals happening this weekend. On October 18th till October 21st, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will be free to play on Steam. Currently priced at $19.99, this version features all of the DLC, improved visuals and some new ac...[Read More]

Left Alive Launches Worldwide in March 2019 for PS4, PC

At Tokyo Game Show 2018, Square Enix delayed Left Alive to 2019. The new survival action shooter from Armored Core series director Toshifumi Nabeshima was given a release date of February 28th 2019 but it wasn’t confirmed whether this was for just Japan or the entire world. Today, the publisher has confirmed that the worldwide release of Left Alive will take place on March 5th 2019 for PS4 a...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Sees 33% Increase Over Origins In Concurrent Steam Players

There was never any doubt that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey would do very well for Ubisoft, and the latest numbers that are coming in definitely fall in line with that assessment. Apparently, the day after the game’s full launch on October 5, it hit pretty impressive numbers on Steam in terms of concurrent players. How many? On Sunday, October 6, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s conc...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Update Brings Autumn Harvest Fest, Free Character Edit Voucher

Capcom’s second major PC update for Monster Hunter World has gone live. It brings the Autumn Harvest Fest to the platform, making this perhaps the first seasonal event for the PC version since it launched. Along with new quests like Up at the Crack of Dawn and Every Hunter’s Dream (which grants the Wyvern Ignition Impact Greatsword upon completing it enough times), Vespoid Infestation ...[Read More]

Total War Franchise Discounted on Steam Until October 1st

If the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sale on Steam isn’t for you, then maybe Creative Assembly’s sale on the Total War franchise is. The entire series has been discounted on Steam, ranging from 10 percent to 90 percent, and they include some must-have titles. For example, Total War: SHOGUN 2 has a 75 percent discount for the base game and for the base game with its collection ...[Read More]

The Walking Dead – The Final Season Sales Suspended For Now

With Telltale Games closing down unexpectedly last week, and the future of The Walking Dead – The Final Season being up in the air for now, it looks like the company has decided to do the right thing and not let people spend money on getting a season pass for the game anymore. On Steam, GOG, Xbox Live, and PSN, The Walking Dead — The Final Season appears to have been taken down entirely, wit...[Read More]

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Launch Trailer Calls For Adventurers

Owlcat Games’ ambitious fantasy RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker is almost here. A new launch trailer has been released courtesy of publisher Deep Silver as we prepare for the game to go live on Steam and GOG today. Check it out below. If the name is unfamiliar, the game is based on Pathfinder Adventure Path, one of the older fantasy RPGs. Venturing through the Stolen Lands, players will encounter ...[Read More]

Authentic Tactical Multiplayer Shooter World War 3 Entering Early Access On October 19

World War 3 is an upcoming game from The Farm 51, and they’ve now revealed a lot of new information about the game, including its system requirements, release date for the game’s Early Access, and more. The game will be coming to Steam Early Access on October 19, and it promises to bring to players a realistic experience of the modern battlefield. The game is being developed in coopera...[Read More]

Dying Light: Bad Blood Is Out Now On Steam Early Access

The Bad Blood expansion for Dying Light is going to be Techland’s take on the Battle Royale genre, and we’ve already seen what it looks like. Well, we can now also play the game for ourselves, because it has just launched on Steam Early Access. The standalone expansion will be free for its full release, but you will actually have to buy the game to get into Early Access. Basically, you...[Read More]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Falls Below 1 Million Concurrent Players For The First Time in a Year

While Fortnite, which is now the most popular game in the world, has gone ahead and stolen all of its glory, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remains incredibly successful in its own right—so successful that it went a full year maintaining a peak concurrent player count on Steam of over a million. It became the first game ever to do so in the process, according to SteamDB. That’s fantastic—however, t...[Read More]

Closers Introduces New German Character And German Localized Test Pilot

Dark Wizard Wolfgang takes the stage. Closers is a mutliplayer online action RPG from En Masse Entertainment that first released back in 2014, for which a new update has been released. The update introduces a new character, called Wolfgang, who is a dark wizard. Furthermore, the German localized test pilot for the game has just been launched as well, which translates “the most core aspects” of the...[Read More]

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