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Xbox One And Steam Cross-Play Feature Being Worked On – Rumor

The newest Steam beta update suggests that built-in pairing with Xbox One is on its way. Cross-play has, much to the delight of a large number of people, growing in prevalence in recent months, and this latest development might be one of its biggest steps forward yet. A new update released for the Steam Beta suggests that built in cross-play functionality for the Xbox One has been added into the c...[Read More]

Discord enters the Store Wars after Epic Store with new revenue model

As if the recent news that game publisher and developer Epic is challenging Valve’s throne as the undisputed leader of digital distribution on the PC wasn’t a bombshell enough, popular chat app Discord has now announced their own plans to make their own digital game store the most lucrative for publishers and developers. For years now, Steam has established themselves as the place to get games on ...[Read More]

Newly opened Epic Store takes on Steam with several Exclusives

As if the console wars weren’t enough of a headache already, big publishers on the PC are now ramping up what looks like an upcoming digital store war. Epic from Fortnite fame has just launched their own digital games store on PC. The Epic Store not only promises higher profit margins for game companies but also aims to offer several high-profile games exclusive to their store. Steam is no doubt t...[Read More]

Counter-Strike Battle Royale Mode Announced, Goes Free to Play

report this ad Valve couldn’t wait for The Game Awards 2018 to make two major announcements. First Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free to play and is downloadable for all Steam users immediately. Second, the game now has a small-scale battle royale mode named “Danger Zone” that features between 16-18 players and unique gameplay mechanics. Danger Zone is entirely free for anyone that downl...[Read More]

Epic Launches PC Games Storefront, Offering Developers 88% Revenue Sharing

Epic Games goes for the jugular in a move designed to grab the PC gaming market. The revenue sharing arrangement in the gaming industry has been set in stone since time immemorial (read: since the days of the NES). The platform holder takes 30% of everything sold on their platform. This is the case with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, yes, but also the iOS App Store, iTunes, Kindle Store, Google Play...[Read More]

Fortnite Dev Epic Games is Making a Rival to Steam

report this ad Epic Games has already found success in several areas of the games industry. It has a hugely successful multiplayer game with Fortnite, which has made more than $1 billion and it also helps developers make games with its game engine, Unreal Engine (UE). That’s not all though, as Epic has now announced that it’s going to be selling games too. Today, Epic Games confirmed that it will ...[Read More]

BattleTech: Flashpoint Expansion is Now Live, Promises +30 Hours of New Content

A new Encounter, three new Mechs and new Flashpoints await BattleTech players. BattleTech: Flashpoint, Harebrained Schemes’ first expansion for its turn-based tactical strategy title, is now available. Retailing for $19.99, the expansion is currently $17.99 on Steam until December 2nd. Check out the launch trailer below for a brief look at the expansion’s 30-plus hours of new content. The biggest ...[Read More]

Yakuza Kiwami’s Steam Database Entry Updated, Achievements Emerge

Sega’s remake of the first Yakuza will likely receive a release date announcement soon. Sega announced at this year’s PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 that Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami would both make their way to PC. The former is out and runs fairly well but what ever happened to the latter, especially with the year closing soon? According to recent updates on SteamDB, Yakuza Kiwami could be out on Steam...[Read More]

Steam Autumn Sale 2018 Has Begun, Ends on November 27th

Avail of discounts on thousands of PC titles or partake in the Steam Awards. As other companies are in the swing of Black Friday sales and deals, so too is Steam. The store’s Autumn Sale has begun in earnest and will end on November 27th at 10 AM PST. Thousands of games are currently discounted including the Fallout franchise, Grand Theft Auto 5, Endless Space 2, Planet Coaster and much more. Sadl...[Read More]

Steam Link Being Discontineud, Valve Confirms

It looks like they are moving towards the Steam Link app instead. Valve’s hardware initiative, featuring the Steam Machines as a bid to try and make inroads into the living room, was very misguided, but the one good thing that came out of it was the Steam Link. The Steam Link was basically an “extender” for your Steam games, letting you stream games from your PC to your living room TV (or any othe...[Read More]

Sunset Overdrive is Now Available on Steam

The PC version of Insomniac’s acclaimed open world contains both expansions and retails for $19.99. Insomniac’s acclaimed open world shooter Sunset Overdrive, which served as an influence for the recent Spider-Man on PS4, is now available on Steam. That means PC users can finally experience the joy of grinding around, taking on legions of mutants and blowing them up with flaming bullets. It’s also...[Read More]

Killer7 is Now Available on Steam

Suda51’s bizarre shooter is currently discounted on Steam until November 22nd. Arguably the game that made Goichi “Suda51” Suda famous, Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Killer7 is now available on Steam. The PC version has been discounted by 10 percent for its launch week and currently retails for $17.99. From November 22nd onwards, it will cost the usual $19.99. What’s in the package for those who’ve a...[Read More]

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