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Construct Your Coasters On The Go With RollerCoaster Tycoon For Switch

When you hear that a franchise is bringing a mobile version of a game to either PCs or consoles, it can be disheartening. That was certainly the case for me when they announced RollerCoaster Tycoon was coming to Switch, but it was adapted from the mobile edition. However, after seeing the game in action, I feel a bit more confident about what developer Nvizzio Creations is doing with the Switch ve...[Read More]

Pokken Tournament Adds Blastoise as New Fighter

Bandai Namco Studio’s Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament DX has released its second DLC Pack. The expansion content officially introduces Blastoise as the game’s newest fighter. Blastoise, which has been one of the Pokemon series’ most iconic evolved starter Pokemon since its appearance in the very first games, joins the roster of Pokken Tournament DX as the title’s 23rd fighter. As would be ...[Read More]

PixelJunk Monsters 2 Brings The Series’ Tower Defense Antics To 3D

The cult hit PixelJunk Monsters from Q-Games has developed a large following for its fun take on the tower defense genre. After over a decade, the studio has finally announced a sequel to the beloved title in PixelJunk Monsters 2. Rather than delivering an update to the original, PixelJunk Monsters 2 brings the series to 3D for new experiences. You can control Tikiman from an isometric perspective...[Read More]

Nintendo Hosting Super Smash Bros. Switch & Splatoon 2 Tournaments At E3

Nintendo is letting gamers at E3 dive right in and test their mettle with the newly announced Super Smash Bros. title on the Switch. Both the upcoming game and Splatoon 2 will have tournaments from June 11-12 at the convention. The Splatoon 2 tournament also features qualifiers that take place before E3 (click here for more info), whereas the unreleased Super Smash Bros. will be played by a select...[Read More]

Billiards Gets Weird In Quirky Indie Pool Panic

Let’s be honest – most billiard video games are as exciting and vibrant as the bedraggled green felt of a dive-bar pool table. In the real world, pool is one of the best parlor games, but something is lost in translation when you’re breaking balls, lining up shots, and putting English on the cue ball digitally. Sim-style recreations may come up short, but that’s not to say someon...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Officially Announced

Over the past few months rumors have been mounting that Nintendo is gearing up to release a Super Smash Bros. game on Nintendo Switch. Just two weeks ago an industry tipster suggested that the game could even be released as soon as this year. While fans were optimistic, many were patiently waiting for an official announcement from Nintendo before they truly believed the whispers. During a Nintendo...[Read More]

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