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Red Dead Redemption 2 Hidden Dialogue Hints at DLC

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 never received any post-launch story DLC, fans are holding out hope that Rockstar’s latest game, Red Dead Redemption 2, will buck that trend. As of right now, the developer has yet to acknowledge whether DLC is in the cards but a recent audio file datamine has offered early evidence that some additional content may be on the way. Be warned that spoilers for Red Dead Red...[Read More]

Borderlands 3 Character Art Reportedly Leaks

report this ad It has been a few years since a new Borderlands game has been released, and despite a Borderlands 3 reveal being teased for this year’s Game Awards, there was no mention of the highly-anticipated sequel to the series at the ceremony. Very recently, rumored character classes for Borderlands 3 came to surface, and now a Reddit user has leaked apparent character concept art for the upc...[Read More]

GTA Online Modder Sued for $150,000 By Take-Two

report this ad For the past few years, Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive, have been actively hunting down modders who create and sell cheating programs for Grand Theft Auto Online. Ever since the release of GTA Online five years ago, some clever people started creating programs that manipulate the game’s code, allowing players to cheat and interfere with the gameplay of ot...[Read More]

The Outer Worlds Announced by Obsidian, Coming in 2019

Explore a rich sci-fi universe with a colourful cast of characters from the makers of Fallout. From the original creators of Fallout and developers who worked on Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds takes players to a dystopian sci-fi universe. Much like Obsidian’s other titles, players will have a strong amount of choice when it comes to their actions. They can take sides, kill an opposing side (...[Read More]

Red Dead Online: How to Mute Other Players

report this ad Between the hordes of griefers and the exceptionally high costed items, life in Red Dead Online can often feel like quite a challenge. To make matters worse, the game’s active voice chat is a perfect venue for the most obnoxious of outlaws to kick a player while they are down. Fortunately for gunslingers that are tired of having salt rubbed in their wounds, muting other players is q...[Read More]

Red Dead Online: How to Find Legendary Animals

report this ad Last week, Rockstar Games launched Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2 that promises even more cowboy-based shenanigans for players. But while there is plenty to do with friends, like complete story missions or build the ultimate outlaw, Rockstar is only calling this a beta. In other words, there is presumably more to be added to the game over time. ...[Read More]

Red Dead Online: How to Dual Wield Pistols

report this ad In Red Dead Redemption 2, acquiring the Off-Hand Holster, and gaining the ability to dual wield pistols, is a truly exciting gameplay moment, and it comes simply. While Red Dead Online also gives gunslingers the option to do battle with two pistols blazing, it takes a bit more work than in the game’s single-player campaign. Players that are looking to dual wield pistols in Red Dead ...[Read More]

Red Dead Online: How to Avoid Griefing from Other Players

report this ad The Wild West can be a cold, hard place, and players attempting to explore Red Dead Online‘s “Free Roam” mode may find themselves victims of frequent, and sometimes targeted, Player vs. Player combat. Unfortunately for those that are looking for some respite in Rockstar’s new online experience, their options are limited. In what may come as a surprise to players that are new to Red ...[Read More]

Is Obsidian’s New Game A BioShock Spinoff?

report this ad It’s been quite some time since the last BioShock game saw the light of day, with no new entries in the franchise since 2013’s BioShock Infinite. However, it appears that that could possibly change as Obsidian, one of the most recent studios to be purchased Microsoft, is working in conjunction with Take-Two Interactive, the studio behind the BioShock franchise. While nothing has bee...[Read More]

Red Dead Online’s Parley and Feud Systems Are Not Stopping Griefers

report this ad Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s new multiplayer sandbox, is a world full of desperadoes and there are bound to be conflicts. While some players would prefer to spend their time peacefully fishing or roaming the prairies, others have ill-intentions, and Player vs. Player combat is commonplace in these early stages of the game’s beta. While Rockstar has implemented two system...[Read More]

Obsidian Teasing New RPG Announcement At The Game Awards 2018

The project is being developed in collaboration with Take Two’s Private Division. Remember that role-playing game that Obsidian Entertainment was working on with Take Two Interactive’s Private Division? It seems we may getting a reveal of the same at The Game Awards 2018. The buzz started when the Pillars of Eternity developer updated its website with different brand images like “Spacer’s Choice” ...[Read More]

Red Dead Online: How Does Horse Insurance Work?

report this ad Now that Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Online mode has officially entered early access, Rockstar looks to mimic the enormous success of Grand Theft Auto V Online. While GTA is a completely different experience than Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar still seeks to provide players with loads of content and enough of a reason to start playing Red Dead Online, and never stop. As expected, Red D...[Read More]

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