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Nintendo Terminates The Controversial Nintendo Creators Program

Only about a decade too late, Nintendo comes to its senses, at last. If ever you wanted proof of the oft-repeated axiom that Nintendo really does not understand the internet, you only had to see how they treated the concept of their games being shared via social media outlets like YouTube and Twitch. While other companies caught on to the idea that YouTubers and Twitch players playing their games ...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Youtube App Live Now

report this ad Arguably one of the most innovative gaming consoles to date, the Nintendo Switch has gone above and beyond what anyone thought possible, and where the Wii U failed, the Switch has risen prominently. The Switch’s success is appealing to a constantly increasing amount of developers and publishers, which has produced a surge of new Switch games and ports. But now, as YouTube has been a...[Read More]

YouTube Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

That’s great, now can we please just have Netflix on here, Nintendo? We keep waiting for the media apps situation on the Nintendo Switch to improve, and slowly but surely, it seems to be. We already have Hulu on the system, and CrunchyRoll and Funimation are due to be launching on it soon as well. And now, YouTube, the largest video consumption service on the internet, is available on the Nintendo...[Read More]

Red Dead 2 Videos Deleted for Violence Against Suffragette Women

report this ad Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly one of the hottest games right now, as it’s already managed to outperform the lifetime sales of its predecessor. There are many reasons for its popularity, but arguably the biggest draw is its vast open world to explore, giving players the independence to interact with the elements in the sandbox however they see fit. Of course, with Red Dead Red...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Might Be Getting YouTube Media App Soon – Rumour

Users have been receiving YouTube app suggestions on the eShop. The Nintendo Switch might have one hell of a software library already, which is unusual for most systems so soon after their initial launch, while the console-handheld hybrid’s unique portability and ease of use have also been factors in the great success it’s seen already. But you know what isn’t so great about the Switch? Pretty muc...[Read More]

YouTube Nintendo Switch App Coming Next Week?

report this ad Although the Nintendo Switch boasts many great games and apps, many Switch users are eagerly awaiting the time when YouTube and other streaming video apps will finally be available on the console. Fans will be happy to know that recently there have been rumors that YouTube may finally be coming to Nintendo Switch. According to the latest rumors, YouTube could finally be integrated i...[Read More]

TotalBiscuit First Non-Pro Inductee into eSports Hall of Fame

report this ad John “TotalBiscuit” Bain will be the first non-pro, non-player inductee into the eSports Hall of Fame. For the uninitiated, the game critic and content creator passed away earlier this year after a four-year battle with cancer, during which he also continued to critique games. In fact, he loved gaming so much that he reportedly talked about Fortnite in his sleep, doing what he loved...[Read More]

Boxing Fight Between Logan Paul and KSI Ends in a Draw

At the start of 2018, Logan Paul became arguably the most controversial YouTuber in history after uploading a video that featured actual suicide victims in it. Paul’s subsequent videos continued to draw ire from the community, but the controversy appears to have made him even more famous than ever before. Despite his fame, Paul actually has less subscribers on YouTube than another well-known and c...[Read More]

CS: GO YouTuber McSkillet Dies in Horrific Car Crash

YouTuber Trevor Heitmann, better known as “McSkillet” was involved in a fatal car crash this past Thursday. Heitmann, as well as a 43-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter all died on the scene. According to reports, Heitmann was driving his 2014 McLaren the wrong way on the I-805 interstate freeway in San Diego when he struck the family’s Hyundai and set off a crash that involved a total o...[Read More]

Pro Call of Duty player dumps model girlfriend to focus on gaming

Gamers have largely been viewed as scrawny or fat nerds who sit in dark rooms and waste their lonely lives away. Of course, that’s just a stereotype and popular Call of Duty YouTuber Doug Martin (AKA FaZe Censor) proved that much a few years ago. The YouTuber known for his Call of Duty skills began dating the illustrious Yanet Garcia, an infamous weather woman from Mexico who went viral for the fa...[Read More]

Professional Call of Duty Gamer Dumps ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’

Yanet Garcia has become famous for being the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl,” and using that reputation to amass a massive following on social media. For the past few years, she has been romantically linked to Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin, a professional gamer who primarily plays Call of Duty, and one day hopes to win the World Championship. However, their relationship has since come to an end, wit...[Read More]

Creepy ‘Final Fantasy House’ Story Detailed in Down the Rabbit Hole

There is really no questioning Final Fantasy 7‘s legacy. The game is a landmark, historical release that played a big role in the console war between PS1 and Nintendo 64, and remains one of the most highly praised Japanese role-playing games of all time. Final Fantasy 7 has millions of fans around the world and is even popular enough to warrant a full-fledged remake, but some fans take their love ...[Read More]

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