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Xbox Will Make A “Special Announcement” At The Game Awards

Xbox Will Make A “Special Announcement” At The Game Awards

Hopefully we get to see the first gameplay footage of the upcoming Battletoads.

The Game Awards look set to be a hell of a show tonight, and it seems like Xbox fans will have a reason to watch and tune in (as though the news that Phil Spencer will be there wasn’t enough). Speaking on Twitter, the official Xbox account promised that they will be making a “special announcement” at the event.

We don’t know what the announcement is, and there’s no precedent of Xbox being at the event in any meaningful capacity for us to judge. However, I think we can at least try to figure out what it might not be—I’d argue it won’t be a brand new game announcement (if it was, you would think it would have been done at X018 last month), nor an announcement of a new studio acquisition (The Game Awards just seems like the wrong venue to announce something like that).

Mostly likely, it’s an update on one of the games Microsoft has already announced for 2019–maybe some gameplay footage for Battletoads, or a release date for Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Whatever it is, we’ll know tonight either way.

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